Chocolates, flowers, romance... and Cupid's arrows touching all those sensitive spots! If you haven't realized, this month is Valentine's Day! A time to be extra specially attentive to your sweetie or whoever your current Hottie Hole may be.

On this sensuous occasion, even as children we were encouraged to GIVE! Remember exchanging Valentine's Day cards with everyone in your class at school? Or maybe you even had little parties with heart shaped cakes and cookies.

Now, as horny adults, we can still "give." Yes, we can give pleasure! Focused, wet, nasty, non-stop pleasure. I have written quite at length in previous columns about the male love wand. You guys know that jackin' off is tons-o-fun and giving of your wad is a source of never ending fascination. Which reminds me, before I forget... I have received a couple of questions about the amount of semen produced in an ejaculation. Well, men, the "normal" amount of semen produced by one ejaculation by the human male is from between one-half to one teaspoon (three to five cubic centimeters) and contains anywhere from 100 - 550 million sperm.

Okay, back to the matter at hand (so to speak) of "pleasure giving." I want to focus on a sensitive mass of tissue which is a woman's potential "hot spot": the clitoris, or clit, as I shall refer to it from here on out.

Definition: Clitoris: The principal organ of sensation in the female. It is shaped like a small peak or mound. It is located just above the vaginal entrance, beneath the labia minora. Like the penis of the male, the clit enlarges when stimulated. Sometimes it likes to be rubbed vigorously. Other times it can hardly tolerate being blown upon or lightly flicked with the tip of the tongue. You readers who have danced the tango with many different vaginas know that some clits will pop out at you and be quite generous in size. Others can hardly be seen. Some are super sensitive and some are not. Of course, the size has nothing to do with the sensitivity. The "clit" is usually two to 20 millimeters in diameter. Upon arousal, the clit swells. The clit also has a foreskin or hood (sounds a lot like the characteristics of a penis, doesn't it?).

As a woman is about to orgasm, the clit often retracts. This response does not mean that it is not having fun! You super studs who are reading this need to know that often times, the clit is not in direct contact with an incoming penis. This is why a number of women like added stimulation to the tiny organ with a finger or vibrator during intercourse, or enjoy being "on top" in order to rub against your groin as well as feel your thrusts inside them. Some women do fine with conventional thrusting alone. Her satisfaction really depends upon how the man's anatomy interplays with hers... where certain nerve endings are located... how long the man is able to last. Also, how sexually hot-n-bothered the woman is.

Here again, folks, communication about what feels good is what can make you the number one lover! When Valentine's Day rolls around, reflect back on this column and be a party pig! Party! Party! Party! Which is exactly what I will be doing this month with special fever. Why, you may be wondering? Well, I and the ever-sensual Darklady are off to Hollywood to attend the annual FOXE (Fans of X-rated Entertainment) awards. As you may have guessed, the FOXE awards acknowledge the adult film and video industry and I am wet with excitement to report back to all of you engaging readers about our adventures.

Love and laughter from your skin-flick sister, Snickers LaBarr.

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