Seedy-Rom Revolutions 5.09

by Doc Wainwright

Cafe Flesh
PC & Mac

This is, without question, the 213th weirdest thing I have ever observed for an extended period of time; and that is quite odd indeed.

During the course of time in which I am writing these reviews, I often discuss the current month's selections with my friends. This month I received an incredible number of recognitions and/or recommendations for this title from the watchers in the wings. Commentary ranged from "That's the best porn movie I've ever seen," to the blazingly passionate, "Yeah, I've heard of that one," to my own personal contribution of, "This is like a smutty Dali painting -- and I love it."

There is no interface to speak of; a movie window appears after installation, you click "play" and the entire flick unrolls before you, a hormone-rich rendition of Naked Lunch that had me riveted.

It's easy. It's quick. It's hip. It's digital. And it's art. (Digital freeze-frame was invented for films like this.)

Jenny McCarthy: Playmate Portfolio
PC & Mac

This CD-ROM isn't just tons of fun because it contains tons of images of Jenny McCarthy (famous from over-exposure in Playboy Magazine and on MTV), nor merely because of its slick eye-candy interface, nor because of its huge bucket loads of high-budget vaseline on the lens close-ups of... well, you know.

No, when you get right down to it, this disc is particularly neat-o because it is an exceptionally good showcase of nude pictures of a very pretty young woman whom I can semi-regularly find by auto-surfing the cable channels during nearly any given hour of the day without having to pay my cable provider for expensive pay-per-view privileges. I found this a thrilling experience, which I hope to repeat in the immediate future. I know that my average viewing time on MTV has certainly skyrocketed recently.

If you are a more Dilbert-esque compu-geek person, you will find that you can quickly and easily ignore the disc's interface and have a great time browsing through the disc's video, pictures, and sound bites. A little double-speed CD-ROM does just dandy for an evening's enjoyment of peachy flesh-toned entertainment. If you're some lucky sod with a video card with special MPEG built-ins, you're in for a real treat.

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