by Darklady:

Racy Enterprises will begin distributing a new concept in fashion/action dolls to catalog and retail outlets in early June. This doll, unlike Barbie and her friends, is anatomically explicit and available from the company's web site at for $24.99 plus $5 shipping and handling. Racy Enterprises' president and CEO, Damien Buck assures the public that "This doll will not only serve as a hilarious novelty gift, but will make a unique keepsake and collectible." Your first Racy doll will come dressed as an exotic dancer, complete with stiletto heels, skimpy black underwear, thigh high stockings, miniature tip money folded into her thong panties, and an audio cassette featuring sexy music and a sultry voice asking you to remove her clothing. The Racy fashion/action doll wardrobe is under construction and will include plenty of "eye-catching outfits and more wild and sexy themes" according to Buck. If you don't have access to the Internet, you can write to Racy Enterprises at PO Box 10525, Wilmington, DE 19850.

According to an Israeli study, sexual predators such as pedophiliacs may find relief from their aberrations with a new "medical castration" medication. The synthetic hormone triptorelin, unlike other medications, has worked in every instance during its recent medical trials. The study was small, however, and did not involve a control group observed without medication.

Did you start thinking about an old flame during Valentine's Day? If you did, you weren't the only one, according to California State University psychologist, Nancy Kalish. Ten percent of all adults will try to contact previous loves on Valentine's Day, according to Kalish's research. Perhaps more importantly, many will not only make contact with that person... but rekindle the flames of love. In an article appearing in Biography Magazine, Kalish said her informal survey revealed that 72% of reunited couples stay together and have an amazingly low divorce rate of 1.5%. Her couples ranged in age from 18 to 89 years in age, reside in 33 countries and, in keeping with the holiday season, 70% of them claim that their sex lives were, on a scale of one-to-five (with five being highest) a five. Does this mean they'll relax the anti-stalking laws for February 14th now?

Shoplifting must have been slow the day that 24-year-old record-store clerk, Andrew Love got busted for wearing an obscene T-shirt by Ocala, Florida, shopping mall security. And apparently the Ocala police likewise had no genuine crime to contend with that day, for they took the dangerous T-shirt wearer into custody before Love could turn his T-shirt inside out, per security's demand. The T-shirt, featuring a bare breasted nun and referring to Jesus by a crude name for a woman's genitals, could be the most expensive garment Love has ever owned. Although he has not served any time for the misdemeanor charge, if convicted he could be fined $1,000 and sentenced to a year in jail. No details as to whether the band promoted on the T-shirt (Cradle of Filth) would be helping out their most famous fan.

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