By Martine Duplessis

Piercing in your future or just a source of personal curiosity?

Check out the site ~locutus/ pierce1. html. It’s a piercing homepage with a large selection of links to not-necessarily sex-oriented sites. The site itself contains information on all aspects of body piercing and tattooing, including a few day-by-day accounts of the whole process from, “gee, I think I’ll go to the piercing studio,” to “Gee, I’m glad my mouth has healed and I can talk again.” Warning: Many of the links go nowhere. There are enough operating to make it worth your trip, however.

Does triple-X trivia invoke a passionate response for ya? Then is the site for you to “bone” up on your favorite porn-stars stats and facts. This site boasts a huge archive, the quality of which I was unable to check out without giving up my credit card number. Speaking of which, this seems to be the premier way to verify the age of users these days and I can’t stress enough that everyone should be cautious when transmitting such sensitive information over the net.

For those of you looking for some good free stuff on the web, there are several sites with free racy pictures, one of the best of which is If you haven’t seen any of the Pamela Anderson home-porno, you can check it out here, free of charge. You’ll also find plenty of doe-eyed-pseudo-jailbait-hotties to look at, also free of charge. A full membership to this site costs only $3.95 and looks like it might very well be worth it.

You’re the patient type, are you? That’s good, because I found several sites that tried my patience this month. The most aggravating of which was http://www.netscort/escors/ html /cinnamon.html. Every page in the site took at least five minutes to load, and the final product was ho-hum and rather flaccid considering the time involved. Maybe with an ISDN line and a mainframe it moves along more tolerably. For those of us not so well endowed (no pun intended), has a fast site with plenty of JPEGS and a free trial membership. The title-page claims that the wall street journal called it the #1 adult website.

If you’re planning an erotic trip to Las Vegas, check out It will give you the low-down on clubs, escorts, nearby brothels and just about anything else you might want to know about Fallout City. Most of it is not a free site, but if you dig around you’ll find an occasional free eyeful.

The nastiest “free pics” I found on the web were at This site boasts streaming video from a live feed for a nominal fee. There are plenty of hardcore pics in the menu pages that won’t cost you a dime. Categories include T/S, T/V, hetero and lesbian. This site was also a little on the slow side, but not one of the worst offenders.

That’s it for this month. Next month we’ll be exploring the possible link between internet sex sites and the recent rising ambidextrous population.

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