Whoa, cherished readers... sex! sex! and more sex! Myself and the darkest of ladies (Darklady) just returned from Los Angeles and, without a doubt, the adult entertainment industry is alive and throbbing to a beat like never before! Our adventures included fun, education, and diversity. Heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transexuals, transgendered, bi-curious... and every other taste on the menu was hot!

My connection with the industry gave me a few new pieces of enlightment to sizzle through my blonde hair right down to the tips of my stilettos. One bit of enlightment was a real deepening of respect for the big name porn stars. I discovered that the business requires dedication, talent, hard work, and long hours. (As you know, I get up at the "crack of noon" and remove cucumber slices from my eyes before I start the day, so I could never be a porn star!) Charmed! Meanwhile, the lovely porn diva, Jacklyn Lick (who we stayed with) was up at 4:30am in order to be in San Diego by 7:30am. What a trooper! Also, I would like to allude to the existence of "family" within the industry. Many porn stars actually care for one another and are respectful and considerate of each other's well being. Sound too flowery or syrupy? Maybe so, but it kind of chokes me up with sentiment which, of course, reminds me that a few issues back I promised to write about autoeroticasphyxia. Well, I've had a series of blonde moments and it's taken me a while. But now is the time.

I've discovered that there is not a lot written about the subject. Let me emphasize, that this "thrill" of near suffocation can be very dangerous and is not everyone's cup of tea. Why, the Darklady had an ex-boyfriend die this way... so be warned.

DEF.: Autoerotic asphyxia: (autoerotic strangulation for arousal, sometimes called "scarfing," which implies use of a scarf for autoerotic suffocation.). The previous mentioned terms refer to self-induced suffocation/strangulation during masturbation. Some reliable statistics estimate that this practice claims somewhere between 250 - 1,000 lives (mostly men) per year. The concept and techniques are very old. The practice was introduced to Europe by French foreign legionnaires returning from the war in Indo-China, where autoerotic asphyxia was performed by prostitutes to increase the sensation of ejaculation. Little is known about the frequency of the practice. People who engage in this rarely seek therapy and do not come to the attention of the medical or psychiatric profession unless they die. Toronto's Institute of Psychiatry has gathered a large data bank of coroner's reports and other materials to try and understand the phenomena. A large part of their investigation includes the relationship between the ages of the victims and their degree of being "paraphilias" (people who experience intense sexual arousal from unusual or socially questionable objects or art). Interestingly enough, sexual paraphernalia such as dildos, articles suggesting self-observation (mirrors or cameras), bondage artifacts and items indicating transvesticism were often found at the scenes of death, or at least among the deceased's effects.

We know that asphyxiation creates excitement and eventual euphoria due to the adrenaline produced when the body perceives a life-threatening situation. It also causes light-headedness. If this sounds attractive and stimulating to you, remember my words of caution: Breath control, intense pressure on the carotid artery and all forms of strangulation and suffocation can turn into a nightmare, leading to death.

The intention of my column is not to be an instruction manual. Remember, you're reading Snickers LaBarr, the love and laughter, glamour and giggles drag queen! I love people and want them to have lots of fun... but be around to talk about it later.

Until next time, exercise passion in all you do and stroke the biggest thing you have: your life!

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