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Dear Exotic -

“. . . gorgeous women with homegrown breasts and fluffy, abundant tufts of pubic hair.” Sounds like heaven on earth to me. Wish I’d been in L.A. watching “Disco Dolls in Hot Skin” with you and Snickers.

Even better would be if more Portland dancers sported their own mammaries and furry crotches. But, alas, I’m afraid too many of my fellow club patrons are little boys who prefer Barbie-doll plastic tits and bald pubic areas.

But this rant is not my primary purpose for writing again. I just want to congratulate you and your publisher on another fine issue (Mar. 1998) and especially to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the lovely cover and inside photos of the absolutely exquisite Tuesday. That face alone was enough to make me fall in love the first time I saw her (fully clothed, even), but seeing her on stage, that premiere body moving with such loose and sexy grace, is truly an extraterrestrial experience. And whoever shot the cover photo deserves congratulations as well, for capturing a bit of that grace in still life. It takes a real artist to do that.

More Tuesday, please!

–A. Voyeur

But we thought you wanted dancers with their own mammaries and furry crotches?

To Exotic magazine,

This may come as a surprise to you but the adult industry is not filled with altruistic people looking to make the world a better place. Just like any other area of society the goal is money, power, sex, or acceptance. It can not be denied that money is the reason women participate in this mainly male driven industry. In any case how we view the adult industries influence on people and society depends on many personal judgments.

I definitely am in support of what you say about freedom and I also want to protect our rights to act freely. You say you “have met undereducated, chemically dependent, dysfunctional women... they exist in all levels of our society”. This is an amazing statement considering it’s coming from such an enlightened member of our human race who is trying to propagate freedom. I do realize in order to attain our desires we must make many judgments and discriminations along the way and at the same time we give up a certain portion of our freedom in order to achieve a goal. And luckily we are free to do this.

However, I am sick of people like you (and those of the city council) using inflated claims and linear views to propagate your own interests. The KKK, the ACLU, the Republicans, the Democrats, Gays and Lesbians (I’m not sure I if I should include them, but I will, at least for now anyway), Christians, the bull shifters of the world, all do the same thing. They gather all kinds of reasons and “facts” to support themselves so What people will believe in them and hopefully jump on the bandwagon for an indeterminable duration. Oh but it is always for a good cause: MONEY, POWER, SEX, or the ACCEPTANCE OF PEERS. It is important to keep in mind that it is other peoples best interests not their own (of course) they are working for. Otherwise They would all be out of business. The sad part is we are easily fooled by many deceptive people everyday and support them blindly. I want to see and hear people expressing the truth for a change and not worry about their own personal agenda’s, because everyone has one, an agenda that is.

Everyone has an agenda, even Mother Theresa had one, but she would readily admit it and she was not deceptive. The other great thing about her is she was a giving person. I want to see and hear more people actually express the truth for a change. Not a barrage of information of what is right and wrong, good or bad, these are all things we judge for ourselves.

Human desires are relatively few, lets try to achieve them without all the hype and in a way that will benefit our society and everyone as individuals (Indians and blacks should agree). This can only happen when each person in society will stop being fooled by the traps that most of the rich and powerful people, companies, politicians, and special interest groups, set for us. Admit to how much we want/need, stop being overly greedy and selfish and stop supporting those that are. Lets open our minds and stop looking for answers from others. The truth is not out there waiting to be told to us by others, it is truly within and ever changing. Focus on what you want and go about getting it without putting up a facade. Begin to scrutinize people and what they say, discover their motives and then even the best facade will begin to fade. Then and only then can we begin to support the individuals, the companies, and those politicians who represent our desires and wants.

I could go on and on about other topics and especially pertinent to this audience - how terrible all the strip bars in Portland really are, and how to improve them! You doubt me! Impossible, because I KNOW! Any clubs interested in stepping up to being the best, I will gladly take over.

–Erick Greffrath and that’s the truth

Wow. I guess there’s really not much more to say. Be sure to call us for advertising...


It’s too bad you’re using Willamette Week rejects and pretend writers like D.K. Holm and Dan DePrez. Aren’t you 30ish? You shouldn’t use any writers between the ages of, oh, early 40’s and early 50’s, the “hippie” generation -the horror, the horror. They’re followers and punks and frauds. Haven’t you ever read Willamette Week or PDXS? “How’s this sound?” “How’s this going to make me look?” “Am I taking the most alternatives” darn position I possibly can on this?” Welcome to the land that time forgot.

It’s a shame young people like yourself -with a writerly bent no less- don’t see through them or at least find them excruciatingly boring. Anodyne especially seems even more vacuous, affected and purely appearance-oriented than their “elders” at the Big “W”, et.al. Whether writing about S&M or the Lord Jesus Christ, there’s just no truth or heart or soul to any of it. Just another group desperate to think and say and align themselves with all the right things -or what they think is cool. There’s this smirking “are we shocking or what?” quality to it.

And this Disney version of S&M these girls are espousing is just a riot. Martha Stewart on “Bloodplay”. “Dungeon Scenes And Manners” by Letitia Baldrich. Everyone so proud to be the antithesis of religious right-types -how original and interesting. It’s infinitely more interesting and hilarious how incredibly fucked-up and phony self-proclaimed “alternative” types are in this town. I’m constantly amazed.

Good luck with your paper.

–Steve Henry

Uhhh, thanks. I guess... What’s all this talk about being 30ish?

From: "anderson.j@worldnet.att.net"@www.worldnet.att.net
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 15:13:53 -0600
To: xmag@teleport.com
Subject: a tale of two strip clubs
Dear Mr. Breathes,

I plan on moving to Portland, Oregon later this year, and out of curiosity, I did a web search on "Oregon state law alcohol", and one of the hits was your article. (I found it very enlightening -- if it's any consolation, the OLCC seems to operate much in much the same way as the Texas Alcohol Commission -- although I expected more from Oregon.)

This, in my opinion, is what makes the Internet great: it provides a forum for anyone to read or write points of view that would never be available thoughout the regular press or "establishment" controlled media.

Thank you for taking the time to post this story on the web, and for being a fine example of the Internet medium at its best.

–John Anderson

You’ll soon learn not to expect more from Oregon.

From: Rob W.
To: xmag@teleport.com
Subject: scamtology

Thanks for the great article on Scientology. I have always believed it was a huge scam, but after reading the article you posted and comparing some of the techniques this so-called church uses to L. Ron Hubbard’s last series "Mission Earth" it amazed me how close Hubbard is to the central evil character. The ideas and techniques used in the series and the ideas and techniques used by this so-called church are frighteningly similar. It's a shame articles like this are hidden away in adult bookstores. Not only will I boycott his fictional writings, but also movies, books music, etc... involving anyone claiming to be a follower.

–Rob W.

Ahh, another enlightened reader. I’d say more but those wonderful folks at the Church of Scientology International will start calling the office again... You have no idea...


Thanks for the feature article “Nude World Order” by Gary Aker about Marne Lucas and the Pander brothers in your December issue. I got a chance to check out their photo exhibit at Umbra Penumbra and I'm going to be on the lookout for the latest issue of Leg World. I hope you give them some more coverage when their Disco Milano comic collaboration is finally completed. And great choice for the cover photo.

–Tom Satchell

You like Marne’s projects? Wait’ll you get a load of next month...

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