By Martine Duplessis

This month I dedicated my time to some of the more tasteful aspects of internet erotica. One way I did this was enter some words not generally associated with internet erotica into the various search engines. For example: art, retro erotica and nude photography. I was pleasantly amazed with the outcome; I found many very classy sites. Here’s a few recommendations.

Bettie Page’s timeless beauty lives on at (where else), the Page page. Real Audio soundbytes, images and links are all there for your free enjoyment and the enjoyment of future generations at In addition to numerous jpegs, you will also find streaming video and an online catalog of Bettie Page paraphernalia. Many other pics of famous pinups of the past can also be found there

For the self-described “hottest free tour on the internet” catering to “european tastes,” visit There you’ll find slow-loading, low contrast (i.e. not real readable if you’re still using a monochrome monitor) yet amazingly sexy photos of men and women. Be forewarned, it’s yet another one of those “we need a credit card to verify your age cuz the Supreme Court says only adults have them” situations. Once again, caution is advised whenever sending credit card account information over the internet.

Tasteful, sexy, and artistic nude photography abounds on the web these days. One place you’ll find it is This months guest flavor is exotic photography by Princess Sheena. You’ll also find plenty of informative articles on many subjects including how to shoot your own sexy pictures. This site is run by a photographic supply and repair business and the pics are completely free and very accessible (as they should be).

Another great art nudes site is Robert Farber’s Photographie Gallery at The free tour features some great pics of nudes, landscapes and more. This website is very aesthetically pleasing as well as lightning fast. Added bonus: if you see something you want to hang on your wall, you can order a photographic print!

Lingerie is a wonderful way to show off the female figure and still leave something to the imagination. Two sites that are particularly user-friendly are Florida Fantasy Lingerie at and Fantasy Night at These are both on-line catalogs with great pics. Both had nicely designed pages and fairly fast load times.

I can’t leave you without at least one hardcore site, because I know how you love them. is extremely graphic including “The Ass Awards.” Thousands of slow loading, hardcore pics of women with women, men with women and so on. Your usual pedestrian hardcore fare.

Some other great ways to find unusual sites is to run searches on your favorite words followed by “erotica”, “sex”, “banned”, and even your favorite food. Some of the matches are completely outrageous, unexpected and often very silly.

Next month: sites dedicated to the saucy interns of The White House, or perhaps naked movie stars. Till then, happy surfing!

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