Balls slapping against a moist pussy. Hands crawling over breasts. Hot cock dragging across lips that are parted ready for pleasure. WHOA! HOLD ON! And between moans what do we hear from the quivering woman of hedonism? “NEXT.” Yes, you guessed it. She is ready to take on the next stud! Ah! The mysterious allure of GANG BANGING!!

Taken down to its most basic definition; Gang banging means having“serial sex” with more than two partners. And there is more occurring nowadays than ever before. The popularity of private sex clubs and the willingness of people to recognize bisexual behavior paves the way for variety and opportunity. I recently heard of an organization in one of the major cities that allows women to chose sex partners from a photo album. (Talk about a kodak moment.) Charmed! Then the facilitator contacts all the men selected and invites them to a private party. Upon arriving they are able to meet the woman and decide to participate or Ieave. Those who stay take turns humping and thumping until the woman is satisfied. Most of the men report that waiting in line and watching produces unsurpassed erotic stimulation. Others claim watching is educational in so far as learning how to improve their techniques of fucking. Personally, I don’t think I would have a free hand to take notes on a steno pad! [If you know what I mean.] OOOOO!

Women who like getting gang-banged say the tension, anticipation,and specialness is greater than ordinary group sex. In “ordinary” group sex, everyone’s attention is either scattered or focused on their multiple partners. Still, other women report it gives them a sense of power.

People who support gang-banging say physiologically it makes sense. Reason being: men reach orgasm much quicker than women. Consequently, with a continuous stream of men, women are more assured of orgasm. Not to mention the psychological orgasm!!! Human beings are naturally curious about other people’s sexual behaviors. Therefore, the voyeur in all of us gets satisfied in a group scene. It is somewhat like a sexual smorgasbord!!! Regardless, the intensity of sexual energy during gang banging or group sex can become almost overwhelming. Nothing short of euphoria. Raw hedonistic indulgence takes charge!!! All our senses of sight, smell, sound and touch get saturated to the point of overload. Yummy! I remember San Francisco during my college days! OOPS!!!

Like I said, participation and viewing multiple partner sex is on the rise, but not new. “Candaulism” is a term which refers to three people– two having sex and one watching. Even in the early twentieth century France, men would take their wives to brothels to watch them have sex with other men. A surprising number of men enjoy watching their wives have sex with other men and of course women for that matter. What’s new????? In fact, there is a recorded case of a man who was incapable of having sex with his wife unless he had first seen her penetrated by another man.

Once again, people’s appetites for sex are as varied as one’s appetite for food. Occasionally, a few people who participate in group sex regularly, become unable to orgasm unless they have a series of consecutive sex partners first. If that is the case for any of you reading this column, you are under the spell of “POLYITEROPHILIA.” [what-a-mouthful].

Well my lovely little “Sex Sponges.” Until next time, go ahead and explore all the dark tunnels of your sexuality. Just try to be informed and do it sane and safely!!!!!

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