Burnin’ The Paradise

On the night of March 31st, the Paradise Video store on 147th and Stark was only four days from opening. By 6:30 pm, a worker had just put the finishing touches on the arcade, and the video boxes were lining the walls. An employee was vacuuming later that evening when he smelled gas. He looked around the premises to locate the source and was leaving the building to check out back when, six steps out the door, the building exploded, fire and debris shooting in front of him. Seconds later, a second explosion rocked this Paradise.

The Portland Police, the Bomb Squad, and the guys from Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms are all involved in the investigation. Nobody’s talking much, but it has been established that it was arson that destroyed Paradise Video. Gas cans were found on the caved-in roof, as was a hand-drill. More than likely, the arsonists climbed up the back of the building, drilled holes into the structure, poured gasoline down} through the rafters, then tossed in a remote detonator. Witnesses at a neighboring apartment complex heard two or more suspects talking outside the premises directly before the fire.

Rick Moore, owner of Paradise Video, suffered a complete loss to his business. His employee was six steps away from losing his life. A $25,000 reward is being offered for any evidence leading to the capture of the arsonists / attempted murderers. Because the repercussions of crimes such as these are felt throughout the adult entertainment industry, much of the reward money is coming from adult industry folks who want to let people (such as the Homeowners’ Association Nazis who were harassing Paradise Video employees only days before the fire) know that this outright rape of our First Amendment rights will not be tolerated. Moore says that donations to the reward fund are still being accepted.

Club News...

The Viewpoint starts their 3-round "Entertainer Contest" this month on May 8th. Ladies, while you're there, don't forget, Exotic Knights appear Thursday through Saturday from 8pm to 2am. While you're there check out their great new menu!!!

This month Stars Cabaret and Steakhouse is presenting Vivid Video Superstar Jenteal from May 13 to May 16. Call 222-STAR for showtimes. Don't forget, two more months to enter for the Jeep Giveaway. Be sure and call to ask about this month's Cigar Social!

CJ's is having a huge bash this month featuring the band "Indecision". The show is also a "Taurus Bash" for you bulls out there!!! Come prepared to party Saturday May 16th!!

Union Jack's has brought back "Portland's Premiere Rolling Stones Cover Band" the Miss U's for a 9pm show on Saturday May 30th.

Scores Sports Cabaret in Salem will be featuring Shyla Foxxx from May 14-16. There will be three shows nightly. And entertainers, don't forget, you can still enter the Dancer of the Year Contest at Scores. You'll have a great time. Prizes include lots of cash, a Caribbean cruise and much much more. Call Scores for more information!!!

The Silver Dollar Club in Eugene will have two features this month: Summer Leigh, Mega Mens Magazine Model and fabulous performer on May 5, 6 and 7; then Alex Taylor, Men's Magazine Model and Centerfold of the Month on May 19, 20, and 21!! Sounds like a great month to me!!!

The Gang at CJ's would like to make a tribute to a friend and co-worker who has passed on. Kristi Giel was taken on April 10, 1998. We miss you Kristi and send our condolences to your family, with love from Everyone at CJ's.

Stores & Shops

Fantasy Adult Video has just opened their "Buddy Booths" at the Sandy Store, stop by and check them out!

Cathie's is having a huge shoe sale this month on select shoes. Be sure and stop by to pick up a new pair of heels for your favorite gal!!

Meanwhile, downtown at Bad Kitty, Heather, La La, Karla and Chrissie Love wanted to let everyone know three things: hundreds of Cathie’s dance costumes are in stock upstairs now; a fresh batch of Bad Kitty t-shirts (including baby dolls) are now in stock; and they now have quality, feature x-rated videos for sale at $9.95.

Down south, check out Showgirls Lingerie Modeling in Salem, they're having a special on their modeling shows– Only 39.95!!!

The girls at Baby Dolls and Honeysuckles tell us that they will be open 24 hours next month!! The girls at their other two shops, Showgirls and Sugar Daddy's would like to let everyone know that their Eugene store will be opening next month!

Cupie Dolls Lingerie Modeling Shop is now open. Stop by and check it out at 819 N. Lombard in Portland.

Private Pleasures is having their Spring Special this month: $34.95 for one month only!

Don't miss the Sex Workers' Art Show on Friday May 8th at the Smith Memorial Ballroom (PSU)!!! The event promises to be an exciting and refreshing evening of visual and performance art by people who work in the sex industry. Admission price ($5-$10, sliding scale) includes refreshments and entry in a sex toy raffle! Partial proceeds benefit Portland's Riot Girl Press. Show organizer Cleo says "Get really dressed up!" Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm.

We received a mysterious ad and news release in the mail this month. It said simply, “Xotica-Go-Go” and contained some vague information about downtown Portland on Thursdays starting in June. At this point you know about as much as we do, but chances are we’ll all be enlightened next issue. Gotta admit the name is kinda catchy...

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