By Martine Duplessis

Let's start this column off right and talk about two sites I found this month that were created by dancers for dancers. First, I’ve got to mention Danzine's site at There you will find information about Portland’s own "Danzine," a zine dedicated to women working in the world of live, adult entertainment. San Francisco's Exotic Dancers Alliance website can be found at From the top page you can access newsletters, articles and more stuff by dancers for dancers. Both sites are full of good information and fast. Very few pictures, lots of text.

At, you will find the Naughtya Homepage. Naughtya is a local dancer who has built a super-high-tech on-line peepshow with lots of pictures, streaming video and more to satisfy your sweet tooth. The site also has a local club guide, with directions and schedules. Very flashy stuff.

The best B&D site I've found in a while is Fantasymakers, at, a site that provides information on their in-house dungeon. The pictures are fantastic and the accompanying text is, well, fascinating. Other items of interest include the comments from the slave quarters, and video sections. The Fantasymakers have produced a line of videos called Real S&M starring the same people you can see and read about on their site. One model pictured in the site, Natasha the Kat, had some of the best pictures; I urge anyone interested in the form to check it out... In addition to being a fun and sexy site, you also have the option of entering without frames.

While we're on the subject, get current on the hottest and latest leather and vinyl at Divaweb is an on-line fetish fashion catalog featuring the latest gear from England. They carry lots of items you won't see anywhere else. The pictures are a little grainy, but nice nonetheless. They also carry boots, fetish footgear and lingerie.

For eyefulls of fantastic photography, visit Michael Rosens’ website at Rosens’ got galleries of shocking and erotic photography. This site is image heavy, and some of the pages are slow to load, but worth it. The pay-off is high-quality fetish photography not usually seen on the web.

For adult text files, go to This easy access site contains hundreds of smutty stories. They claim to add fifteen a day and offer a free peek to anyone old enough. Since this site is text, it loads fast (even if your hardware is as outdated as mine).

If unimaginative, boring, garden variety porno-stuff made by boys for boys is what you're after, shoot on over to This mostly image-based web site offers very little in the way of creative, erotic art, but has plenty of graphic content. Of course, watch out, because they want your money and the trial membership will land you at an order form every other page. Other than that the site was frustrating, slow and altogether lame. But, hey, maybe some people like that, right?

Next month: What you think you’ve erased from your hard drive could get you into trouble...

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