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June 1998
Issue# 5.12
Copyright 1998
All rights reserved
by X Publishing

Xistential w/John Doe
interview by gary aker
Cobalt Vixens
by rex breathes
Corn Hole Gus
by bart skwarczynski
Phoenix Thunderstone
by david aaron clark

Erotic City
San Francisco : Portland : SeaTac
Calendar of Events
San Francisco : Portland : SeaTac
San Francisco : Portland : SeaTac
Escort Listings
LA : San Fran : Portland : SeaTac
Exotic Links
places of interest
Picture Gallery
some of our favorite pix

Viva Las Vegas
the fabulous viva las vegas
believe it or not
Sex Info Highway
left turns on the infobahn
A Secret Life
confessions of a boot fetishist
Pornos for Primates
dirty movies from rex breathes
sex & music from planet doom
Girl Trouble
a look at celeb sex
Snickers Really Satisfies
our favorite cock in a frock
Strip City
this month: buffin' boots
Heavy Petting
dating advice from the lost

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