Word Jazz 6.01

Hey cool cats and chicks how's it been goin'? I haven't been writing for the last few months. I've kinda had the blues. I just fuckin' hate it when everything isn't all sweet and dandy in Dreamland. I end up drivin' around not paying attention to anyone. Mr. Pitiful all wrapped up in my own thing. The worst part about it is I don't know how to play the guitar, so I can't even sing it. I just got to talk it. It's said that the Delta is the birthplace of the blues. I don't know who said that but whoever it was obviously has never been in a titty bar. Never had a dancer girlfriend. I'll probably end up someday standing in front of one with a sign that says GAVE ALL MY MONEY TO A DANCER, PLEASE HELP.

And now for Mr. Henry's Poetry Spot:

- So the Reno man’s got some blackmail pics

- And He showed them all to me.

- I added in a few from my own collection

- And the package was complete.

- And now the tables turned

- and she didn’t see it coming.

- but her bags are packed and she’s prepared

- in case she gotta do some runnin’

- But he ain’t asked for nothin’ yet

- He’s got a heart of gold just like me,

- He might never even use ‘em

- we’ll just have to wait and see

- but one thing is for certain

- There is no Sugar in his coffee,

- no Sugar in his tea.

Speaking about blackmail, Papa told me something really juicy he and Paige did up in Seattle one wild Saturday night. Too bad I haven't seen her in a while, so I could say "I know a secret about you, and I'm tellin' everyone.” I love shakin' things up like that. It's all public record anyway. On the way up they got pulled over in the Fiero driving through Tacoma. Guess what they were doing that caught the cops attention !!!!

I went down to Fantasy on Mcloughlin to say hey to Jeanna Fine. Just had to meet her. See, I’ve got a friend who has the Spice Channel. He just leaves it on 24\7 for background noise. It’s kinda like porn that’s not porn. They don’t really show anything; it’s not soft it’s limp. So anyway, at his last party one of the games was nominating people and movies for his own Spice Channel Awards. He had made a video for reference. Some of the categories were: Best use of a house plant to obscure the view, Best dirty talk by a supporting actor/actress and of course the coveted Best Face Award, which is his highest award. Jeanna Fine was the hands down winner for the Best Face. Everyone at the party, both male and female, agreed that Miss Fine is indeed a true artist when using her facial expressions to convey what is supposed to be happening without really showing anything. Love that face; in person it’s even better. When she says, “hello, how are you?” she might as well be saying "rip my clothes off and we’ll do it right here on the floor.”

I'm happy to report that Uncle has recovered from his knee surgery. Everything works fine and he's able to kick people in the ass. This means I can start mouthing off again. I hated not having my Portuguese bodyguard around.

That’s all for now... this time till next.. call me if you wanna

604-8885. I’m the Real John Henry and all that jazz.

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