Huge naked breasts heaving and undulating between the hands of a hungry man. Naked flesh and erect nipples brush across the tip of a stiff tongue. These scenes and more were projected in "camp" black and white on the wall of the Cobalt Lounge. All this was part of the premiere of a regular Thursday night cabaret– Xotica-Go-Go!

As I watched and socialized, I realized a major reason for the success of the evening was based in some sort of fetish attraction. As you know, I experience life as nothing more than a big adventure with specific lessons for each individual to learn. You may have guessed, I am leading up to something. Well... Yes!... A recent voice mail message from a reader of this very column enlightened me to the concept of: acrotomophilia. The term simply means: a sexual preference for amputees. Listen to this: (acro– extremity; tomy– to cut; philia– attachment to). This is a person who is erotically aroused by the thought of having sex with a person missing a limb.

Acrotomophiles often times request their consenting partner– who is really not an amputee– to wrap a foot or hand in bandages. This is simply to emulate the "high" of a nonworking or missing limb. I read of a case history of a man who practiced a form of pseudoacrotomy by having his wife limp across the bedroom on crutches before engaging in sexual intercourse. This scenario was so intense for him, that he was impotent if she did not comply. Many psychologists and sexologists feel that people may become attracted to amputees for a variety of reasons. Some of these include fetishes, low self-esteem, vicarious sadism, or a way to legitimize poor sexual performance. Other theories include the fear that this loss or handicap could happen to them, and could tap the need to rescue and care for another human being (the amputee in this instance).

Many amputee fetishists were introduced to this at an early age. The combination of fear and compassion they felt for an amputee made such a strong impression that later in life an erotic reaction occurred when they saw an amputee. It also has been said that some men prefer unusual sex objects or practices due to sexual repression or guilt imposed by their parents. They select safe objects on to which they project their erotic lust. Some feel that the amputee cannot afford to be too critical or demanding in a relationship. That false sense of security and arrogance could lead some to act out abusive behavior. Another interesting fact is that some men who have been constantly criticized by parents, feel that if they had been amputees, they would have been nurtured more; therefore the amputee possesses a quality that this person feels he or she actually needs. Consequently, their sexual inhibitions are minimized.

Clubs exist that provide introductions and referrals for contacting interested amputees. Literature provides written information and pictures for people to make connections. Most adult book stores, and some progressive cigar smoke shops carry magazines devoted to this fetish. An example is Fascination, which features only photos and stories about female amputees. Author Grant C. Riddle's book, Amputees & Devotees, gives a detailed study of this phenomenon.

It is easy to forget that amputees, handicapped, and mentally challenged people may have sexual desires, fantasies, and the right to get their needs met like everyone else. Wah-lah!!!! Food for thought, I rest my case!!!

By the way folks. The chapter of the NLA (National Leather Association) has invited me to emcee this year's slave auction! Readers get ready for next months column and find out what really happens on the auction block and within the dark adult play rooms of the leather community! I'm charmed!!! Until next time, nurture the juices of your imagination!

Snickers "Snatch-Lady" Labarr!!!!! Voice mail: (503) 727-2491 or write: Snickers, P.O. Box 22607, Portland, Oregon, 97222-0607

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