CROTCHES!! Naked and basking in the hot sun! The sandy beach looks like a "genital buffet!" Men, women, young and old. Heavy people, thin people, and families with children. Yes, they are all nudists!!! Charmed!!! This hot sultry month makes "nude" events more visible than ever. I personally do not belong to an organized nudist group. However, I have on a number of occasions participated in nude-beach sun bathing and friendly volley ball games. Consequently I know the feeling of breeze-on-my-balls delight.

The word "nudity" is derived from the latin word "nudus." Historians say that ancient Greeks were probably the last European culture that was comfortable with nudity. (Often to the point of revering it as sacred.) I still feel that as a culture, Americans are pretty conservative and uptight when it comes to nudity. Those feelings and attitudes have almost been bred right into us. Stop and consider that for more than a thousand years, Christianity demanded the body be covered in drab clothing. Almost any visible flesh was a sin and considered abominable. During the reign of Napoleon III, not even statues could be naked. Religious beliefs and philosophies during the Middle Ages forbade physicians to examine intimate anatomy. The more recent Victorian era certainly repressed nudity. Even nowadays some groups attack the appropriateness of the depiction of naked tribesmen in National Geographic Magazine. These same groups attack underwear advertisements in mail order catalogs. I have always been fascinated by a 1953 Kinsey report that revealed one third of women born before 1900 wore clothes while having sex!!!!!! Not charmed!!!

Okay, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Today a quickly escalating interest in nudity is flourishing. We now have nude beaches, nude spas, ocean cruises, clubs, resorts, massage, nude hot tub parties, and people participating in nude intimacy workshops! And I am waving my flag and every other appendage with joy and ecstasy at these healthy attitudes and behaviors.

Progressive nudists are choosing to enhance the aesthetics of their nakedness. By choosing to shave, shape, color, pierce, tattoo and style their genitals and pubic hair. Hearts and triangles are the most common shapes. The thicker the bush the more recognizable the artistic shapes are. I recently saw a man who had his facial hair and pubic hair carefully and artfully shaved in the same design!!! O000000!!! That is a good visual to lead me into your two vocabulary words for this month:

1. Acomoclitic: arousal from hairless genitals.

2. Medocure: pubic clipping and perfuming of the penis.

Now, don't you feel intellectually enriched???

Luckily, there are nudist groups and clubs almost everywhere. Some of the larger ones have annual Mr./Ms. Nude pageants. Contestants first appear naked. Next, in swimwear. Finally in formal wear. Seems humorously opposite to our original exposure to pageants. Of course that is part of its allure. By the way, the national "Ms. Nude America" is hosted every October in San Jose, California. Now you know where to schedule your next vacation!!

So until next time, Snickers "Snatch-Lady" Labarr says: GET NAKED!!! Feel free to visit my website. .

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