by Theresa Dulce

It’s true. We’re gonna rock out with our cock out and you’re invited! Portland’s own super sex workers are throwing a three-day event the last two days of September and the first day of October. This party to end all parties offers movies, photography, exotic performances and good music. All we need is someone to watch. Can you smell it? Come a little closer, let me show you something.

Sex by Sex Workers Film Festival ‘98 is a two-day screening of videos and films created by anyone who has worked or is working in the sex industry. Strippers, hookers, call boys, pornographers, and the sex worker next door are showing their work on the big screen in Northwest Portland at Cinema 21 on September 29 and 30. The festival includes documentaries on exotic dancers organizing, a video by Annie Sprinkle, the highly acclaimed independent film, A Gun for Jennifer by Deborah Twiss, and even some stuff that has nothing to do with the business! And if you missed the electric sperm-fire infrared video, The Operation, featuring Gina Velour and Otto Wrek, stop hitting your head against the wall. Move booty to the festival and catch it while the government still lets you.

Speaking of government– were y’all aware that September is the ACLU’s anti-censorship month? Pro-censorship people should come to the festival too and see what the big deal is.

Sex Worker Art Show and Danzine Benefit LIVE! will be held Thursday, October 1. The Art Show features photography, paintings, and original artwork by workers in the biz. This event is free and will be showing the entire month of October. The artists’ reception and party is from 6 to 8 pm at Fellini’s on NW 6th and Couch. If you loved Miss Mona’s Cabarets, you’ll kinda like the Danzine Benefit LIVE! that same evening. It will be held at Berbatis Pan, downtown, at SE 2nd and Ankeny. Portland’s most exotic dancers will perform without apology. Babe after babe kicking down original acts, including Miss Mona Superhero, Rain Storm, Jag, and Teresa Dulce. Special midnight show with live music by The Licks, with Viva las Vegas singing like there’s no tomorrow. And there is no tomorrow, not after this three day sex mess. If you survive, you can tell your kids about it someday.

This event is a fundraiser for Danzine– a local non-profit organization created by and for exotic dancers and people in the sex industry. Established in 1995, this kick ass collective publishes the internationally mentioned Danzine and has two HIV/STD prevention programs, including an anonymous & confidential needle exchange site at SE 82nd/Powell Friday nights from 7:30-9pm.

The Sex by Sex Worker Film Festival ‘98 is brought to you by Danzine*Velour Productions. Curators, Marne Lucas and Teresa Dulce, are showcasing this first-ever event in the hopes that someone will walk away with a better understanding of our attitudes towards freedom of speech, decision making and sexual activity, economic justice, fair working conditions, and our primary cause: loving the human body and the person that comes with it sooo much you’ll get lost hugging yourself. As Marne tells it,”Sex work is not an underground phenomenon, it’s an ever present occupation that warrants community support. I feel fortunate that I can expose the artistic talents of this group of sex working artists.” “Yah,” says Dulce,”when working in this industry we have to make our health and safety a priority, along side with getting better working conditions. What better way to knock it out and make people notice than through the arts?”

Sex by Sex Worker Film Festival ‘98 TUE&WED, September 29+30. Three shows each night, $5 each show. Films and videos screening at Cinema 21 on 616 NW 21st (503) 223-4515.

Art Show THUR, October 1. Artists’ reception and party 6-8 pm. Admission is free the entire month of October at Fellini’s in Old Town, on NW 6th/Couch (503) 243-2120.

Danzine Benefit LIVE! THUR, October 1. Live performances and music by The Licks. Sliding scale at door $5-$10, 21 & over. Show starts at 9pm and is at Berbati’s Pan in downtown, on SW 2nd/Ankeny.

Danzine is always looking for donations and volunteers.

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