Carnal Knowledge 6.02

by Frank Faillace / E-MAIL:

Over the last five years we’ve published quite a few controversial covers. Of course the nature of the magazine kind of necessitates the fact that they will be controversial. But strangely enough, whether it’s full-on nudes, bloodsports, guns, or heroin chic, none of our previous covers have been as controversial as this one will be... all because of a word and a gesture.

Censorship takes many forms. What we in the adult industry need to always keep in mind is that we are the front lines of censorship, indeed our living is based on the concept of free expression and the fact that our state constitution protects that expression more than any other state and even the U.S. Constitution.

So when you look at the cover this month, what you’re looking at is the strongest and most important image we’ve ever published. Whether you like it or not we’re making a statement and standing up for your rights... you who need it most of all. Because even more than ethnic and sexual minorities, adult business owners and workers are discriminated against more than anyone. Ask any dancer who’s tried to get an apartment, or a strip club owner who’s tried to get a liquor license, or a lingerie modeling shop proprietor who’s tried to get an ad in a newspaper, or a publisher who’s tried to get an adult paper printed. The horror stories abound and astound.

The fact is we’re getting attacked from both sides, not only the religious right but the “pc” left. And add the political force (farce?) of “family values” in the mix and we don’t stand a good chance. I’m not whining about it. It’s our choice to proceed in this field and the challenges are evident. But if we don’t step up and stand up for our rights and fight for our rights and give time and money to help fight for our rights, its a guarantee we will lose them, and our livelihoods along with them.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that we will receive the majority of complaints about the cover this month from adult industry people. Now that’s truly ironic, no matter what Alanis Morrisette says... or whom she goes down on in the theater...

So celebrate this month with the American Civil Liberties Union. There are activities all over the state (see page 30 for some of them) to commemorate the 10th Annual Uncensored Celebration. And for your own sake, join the ACLU, join the Oregon Coalition for Free Expression (OCFE), and join the Oregon Business Alliance (OBA). Celebrate with us and defend your rights.


We won’t be answering the phones for the first few days of the month after this issue hits the stands... So do us a favor and email your outrage, your letter bombs and your opinions to us at


Rumor has it that, due to popular demand, the infamous Rose City Xpress will be starting up again this month. So look for our own real John Henry and his paper all over town very soon...

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