Imagine having nine clothes pins pinching the naked flesh around your nipples!! Imagine tying off your cock and balls and having someone slap and hit them until they turn a stinging red. (Thats called cock and ball torture). Or how about squealing during an old-fashioned spanking on a bare bottom until imprints begin to show.

All these “scenes” and more were publicly performed recently at the N.L.A. (National leather Association) slave auction. Yours truly was honored to emcee a two and a half hour auction/fundraiser. Hosting along with me was the locally famous “Top”, Keith. What a night it was!! The standing-room only crowd was cheering and bidding as their fantasies came to life! This last month has certainly been a whirl-wind of fetish, fun, and education for me. I attended my first dungeon party and the naked buffet cabaret show produced by another one of my sub-culture socialite friends, Tushell of Bad Attitude Outlet. Ahead on my schedule of adventure is checking out the new male sex club, XS, and the “place for swingers’’: Ace of Hearts!

Charmed!! Enough about me!!! I want to tell you more about the S&M (Sado-Masichist) or “Top and Bottom” community, focusing especially on what the whole “Slave” concept entails. First of all “Famulus” is the technical term for slave/family dynamic. I have discovered there is a great variation in how people use sex slavery, as well as degrees of control and intensity when you have a slave or are a slave. Perhaps the first and most famous sex slave was the Biblical Samson. According to history, he was captured by the Philistines and used to inseminate their wives in order to produce a race of superhumans. He eventually was blinded so that this task was easier. Nowadays, most slaves do not live as slaves 24 hours a day. Realistically, they practice for a few hours once or twice a month. As I mentioned earlier, degrees and types of slavery vary greatly. A “captive” slave may have to be bound at night, or may sleep in a box or cage or on a rug next to the masters’ bed. Woof!! Woof!! Some sex slaves do perform sex acts for or with their masters. Many of these acts are ones they ordinarily would not do. Some slaves only prefer providing personal services to their masters, such as bathing, brushing hair, polishing nails, shaving, massage, and possibly holding a dildo or vibrator. Sex slaves often times identify themselves by wearing slave collars, an “o” finger ring, special necklace, or chastity belt. They may even be branded!!!

Depending on how seriously the partners get into this scene, a series of emotional aspects surface for the slave. Documentation shows that slaves pass through consensual role playing, irritation, defiance, anger, and submission before they finally revere and bond to their master. “Ritual” is a form of psychological bondage and can cause a slave to lose their own identity. Most slaves who get into the fun and discipline of S&M find a temporary period of service to be cathartic and/or euphoric. Others feel it is a method of expressing unconditional love and devotion to a partner. I guess it boils down to “Different strokes for different folks!”

Until next time, stroke however you want. Remember you heard it from the one and only “‘Snatchlady,” Snickers LaBarr, Charmed!!! (503)727-2491.

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