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Well, readers, it’s high time I let you know. My rock’n’roll band, The Licks, has been loosed on the world. If you love girls with guitars like I do, then consider yourself invited to Mount Tabor Pub on Saturday, September 12th for a balls-out rock fest featuring Stagger, British Steel, and yours truly with my motley crew. Those of you in Seattle and San Francisco–feel free to call the Exotic offices at (503) 241-4317 and The Licks will be more than happy to oblige any future bookings in your lovely towns. ha! ha! Just remember, Viva likes her Licks loose, rough, and raunchy...

In other girls-in-rock news, The Pretenders put on an amazing show here in Puddletown on August 15th that surpassed all my expectations. Chrissie Hynde’s got so many brilliant hits that I’m convinced she’s in a pact with the Devil and that maybe I should sign, too.

Another 80’s rocker chic, Joan Jett, will be touring the west coast as this magazine’s hitting the stands. My friend caught the show in South Dakota and tells me the lady has laid down her axe. She now sings and dances through her set la Pat Benatar. Now, I don’t like to diss on dames, but damn! what a disappointment!! Guess she’s got her hands full with politics. To quote The Byrds and the bible, “To everything there is a season. A time for politics and a time to ROCK.” Maybe Joan’s tryin’ to get on next year’s Lillith bill.

August has indeed been rewarding for Rock/Girl debaucheries. In Vancouver, I saw the best female Keith Richards impersonator imaginable. This hot momma lays down the licks for JP5–an amazing outfit that is fronted, from the sound of her stage banter, by a fellow sex industry worker named Geri-Jen. Chic is obviously influenced by Iggy Pop, which is as high a compliment as I care to dole out. JP5 features a tight, breath-taking rhythm section with Geri-Jen on bass and Canada’s best version of Sid Vicious on rhythm guitar. I love this band. Demand they come to your town and get out there and see ‘em!

Finally, as I’m writing this in the midst of North by Northwest’s contrived chaos and mess of identical looking and sounding guitar boys, I wanna mention the only band that I braved the masses for: Portland’s own Tra-La-La. Fronted by super-guitar-girl Honey Owens, this band ranges from swirly girl pop to tight, crisp, and none-too-simplistic rock. Congratulations, Honey, on a great show. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

Don’t miss The Licks!!

Saturday, September 12th @ Mt. Tabor Pub

Thursday, September 17th @ Berbati’s Pan

Thursday, October 1st @ Berbati’s Pan for the Sex by Sex Worker Film Festival/Art Show Fte

Be There!!! xoxox

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