Exotic Magazine Distribution Locations
March 1999
Issue# 6.09
Copyright 1999
All rights reserved
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by viva las vegas
Whose Your Bud?
by gary aker

Erotic City
LA : San Fran : Portland : SeaTac
Calendar of Events
LA : San Fran : Portland : SeaTac
LA : San Fran : Portland : SeaTac
Escort Listings
LA : San Fran : Portland : SeaTac
Exotic Links
places of interest
Picture Gallery
some of our favorite pix

Carnal Knowledge
the publisher's ramblings
Viva Las Vegas
the fabulous viva las vegas
A Secret Life
confessions of a boot fetishist
Sex Info Highway
left turns on the infobahn
Girl Trouble
a look at celeb sex
Pornos for Primates
dirty movies from rex breathes
Sex Me
no punches pulled
Snickers Really Satisfies
our favorite cock in a frock
Heavy Petting
dating advice from the lost

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