DEATH the end of the world, part 1 FROM by Brad Jamison ABOVE
Chicken Little Got His Gun >> As they say on Broadway, "This show's got legs." It keeps getting bigger and it won't go away. Coming soon to the mainstream media, The Boston Globe, New York Times and NBC's Extra, the story of the contrails (not the Contras), unidentified tanker jets laying down contrail spray above our towns and cities. Contrails that don't dissipate. Instead, the plumes spread out, merge together and turn clear skies overcast by the end of the day. And then comes the creeping brown crud, thick as mud, filling hospital emergency rooms coast to coast with people suffering from severe upper respiratory flu-like symptoms that won't go away despite courses of antibiotics. Though the Centers for Disease Control reports the flu outbreak is "normal" this year, they report an epidemic level of deaths from upper respiratory ailments for three consecutive weeks last winter. Is that sleight of hand? Does 2+2=4 or 5?
Blame it on the creeping brown crud. Blame it on the contrails--the purple haze that covers the sky after these aircraft have laid down their spray.
"Purple haze all in my eyes/
Don't know if it's day or night . . .
Is it tomorrow or just the end of time."
Along comes Will Thomas, an environmental investigative journalist hot on the heels of his book, "Bringing The War Home," chronicling the US testing of biological and chemical agents in the Gulf War and Gulf War Syndrome. (Can anyone remember, in the wake of the Bill and Monica Circus, that in 1997 the army finally admitted that our troops, tens of thousands of them, were, in fact, exposed to chem/bio warfare agents in the gulf? An investigation was ordered: All known data was to be released to Congress. Um, well . . . ?!) Thomas is on the smoking trail of these contrails which he calls "chemtrails." Appearing on Art Bell (March 17, '99) and publishing his findings in The Leading Edge International Research Journal and on the Web, via his chemtrails network, Thomas has become the defacto Millennial Madness Chicken Little running around declaring, "The sky is falling!" I would be amused, but Thomas is holding a smoking gun: hundreds of eyewitness accounts logged and backed up by photos and videos plus lab analysis of the spray. Not to mention, this writer--a former chemistry student and resilient/robust man--has been afflicted with the creeping brown crud for seven weeks. I've administered antibiotics, acupuncture, Chinese herbal formula tea, vitamin C, garlic, echinacea,
stood on my head, barked at the moon and found God--in the middle of a gnarly nightsweat dream--all to no avail. My brimming-over-with-rosy-cheeked-health naturopathic/acupuncturist has been coughing it up for eight weeks. My visit to the local urgent care facility revealed that my attending doctor has seen countless other cases just like mine. But I digress.
William Thomas, one time military pilot and award winning journalist, has interviewed over 400 people coast to coast. From military personnel and law enforcement to commercial pilots and on down to the (wo)man on the street, they've all seen 'em. (And if you were out watching the Portland skies on Friday, March 19th, you saw them too.) Thomas is quick to point out the glaring difference between regular jet contrails and the chemtrails. Contrails are formed when jet turbine engine vapor hits the stratosphere (altitudes above 33,000 feet) and is instantly transformed into ice crystals by the low temps at high altitude. Contrails are usually pencil thin and dissipate quickly. Chemtrails are billowy plumes that spread out, hang around, merge together and form hazy, cirrus cloud-like cover. In photos and videos of chemtrail activity, Thomas has identified the main culprit craft as the KC-135 air force tanker. This is a refueling plane that gasses up fighters in flight. When Thomas contacted a Major Barlow with the USAF about his findings, Major Barlow said, 'The KC-135 does not make contrails; it flies below 33,000 feet.' It should be noted that the warmer temps below that altitude cannot create ice crystallization of jet vapors, hence, no contrails. So, how does a KC-135 flying below 33,000 feet