Saw some great boots the other day (Friday, March 5th, around 4:30 pm to be precise), and as usual they sent me into a frenzy of desire and frustration.

She must have been around 19. Tall and lithe, with long, light brunette hair and an aquiline face, fresh and innocent. With a girl pal. Walking around with that speedy motion that young women have, spurred half by chill, half by impatience. A tall girl made taller by the cartoony black leather high-platform boots that were pressing against her long bare legs. There was a whole lotta leg between the top of those boots and the hem of her brown print dress.

Oh, to have a girlfriend with such sartorial inclinations! A girl who looks forward to donning her boots in the morning, who hates to remove them, who enjoys showing them off in public--reveling in the sneaky, cowed glances of strangers.

Well, when the frustration proves to be TOO much, there's always pornography, as cartoonist R. Crumb so brilliantly reminded us a long time ago in his brilliant story, "Dirty Dog" (the lonely Dog is ignored by cool doggie chicks on the street and flees to a smut emporium where he purchases helpful and relieving pornography). Recently, I've been exploring the abundant websites dedicated to boot fetishism, and unearthed many that are key sites to visit for image downloading and finding clues to boot-wearing femmes in the media.

'I maintain that the world's best legs are found on our Asian goddesses'

One of the best is a no-frills site at: This is a site seemingly put together by some Asian-born fetishist of Asian girls in boots and leather. Unlike most sites, he actually takes the pictures himself, usually at auto shows where the girls are formally paid to stand around near cars and invite snaps.

As students of this column know, I maintain that the world's best legs are found on our Asian goddesses. Though they come in a small package, their gams are of a curviness and variety that is either genetic or simply of the kind that looks better in boots and platforms.

Whatever the case may be, this site's fetishist seeks out as many leather-clad Asian stems as he can find and mounts them on this site, which is updated approximately every two months. In a recent updating, he offered up a wealth of Asian girls standing around cars and sitting on motorcycles, smiling into the lens for the cameraman as they stuck out their boots to sate his hunger. I put several on my desktop slide show, and have been pouring libations to them ever since, especially to one doll who is shown in a department store handing out samples, her smiling face hovering over a black dress, black stockings and impossibly tight knee high boots, both the glossy stockings and the shiny boots reflecting an erotic sheen that navigates her leg from toe to aft. Of such tiny pieces of leather-heaven is the internet--and my sexual satisfaction--made.

Jimmy Doyle is a former New York cop now living in Portland.