Need advice? Face it, there are a few things you can't ask your mom. Or maybe even your friends for that matter. You know what I mean: mysterious itches, strange rashes, Viagra. Luckily enough, you can, in the privacy of your own computer, surf on out and get your most embarrassing questions answered in relative anonymity.

Working out of the SF bay area, at www.sfbg.com/asc, is sex columnist Andrea Nemerson. She claims to provide "sex education for the new millennium," and she answers a big range of questions, for example: how do I tend overly lengthy pubic hair? how can I increase the size of my ejaculations? or can an alka-seltzer placed in the vagina cause orgasm? And she does it with wit, grace and humor. Naturally, you can send questions to Andrea, or get on her mailing list via her site.
'Can an alka-seltzer placed in the vagina cause orghasm?'

Dr Marty Klein wants you to "Ask Him Anything" over at www.sexed.org. This site is the store front for Klein's three books, "Let me Count the Ways," "Ask Me Anything," and "Your Sexuality." He provides a monthly article on a sexually-oriented topic in a serious and understanding tone, as befits his status as a licensed family and marriage counselor and sex therapist.

For something a little more entertaining, head over to "Ask the Couch!" (www.askthecouch.com). This site is run by a married couple that answer questions with a distinctive brand of humor. They cover every topic under the sun (sour cum?!) and also provide a chat room, and a means of sending them your own questions. This is a fun and interesting site, so even if you think you already know everything about sex and relationships, you'd be well advised to check this out site.

Remember Dr Ruth? She's still around (and still funny) at www.drruth.com. The question of the week here is "why do underarms turn me on?" Dr Ruth generally assures you 1) that you are OK! and 2) Enjoy yourself!

Although she doesn't take questions at her site, Isadora Altman's "Sexuality Forum" (www.askisadora.com) does provide a community discussion board and an archive of her past columns. Isadora is a certified sexologist AND a nationally syndicated columnist.

The biggest site for pure information is sponsored by Columbia University. It's at www.goaskalice.columbia.edu. A staff of health educators ("Alice") answers the questions sent to the site, which run the gamut from tattoo guidelines, foods to avoid during pregnancy, and Rohypnol (the "date-rape" drug). There are other more generalized health concerns addressed on this site as well, such as emotional health, fitness and nutrition, and alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. The answers are extremely complete and seem to be very well researched, as behooves a university.

So, no excuses! And remember, knowledge is power!


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