"Oh how I love Thee. . . let me smell the ways" Sniff! Sniff! Sniff!! Oh, smell the erotic stench of raw sexuality, usually emanating from those very personal articles of clothing--articles that were worn massaging a crotch throughout the day.

Remember when a lover has left and you can still smell him/her on your bed sheets? Or remember that moment when you've been so horny and needed that extra bit of stimulation to get off?!!! You find yourself digging through the laundry to find that soiled pair of panties, then encase your nose with her scent, taking deep breaths and masturbating until you come with quickened force.
How about that secret time when your lover's gym bag is calling your name? You quickly dig through it and remove a soiled jock strap, or a woman's athletic undergarment that is slightly moist and sweet with sweat! Charmed!! Suddenly you feel a kinky closeness to that person as you brush the "odor item" under your nose and flood your mind with fantasy!!!!
'You find yourself digging through the laundry to find that soiled pair of panties, then encase your nose with her scent...'
My point, of course, is how sensual and important sex smells and odors are. As young children we began to get acquainted with smells. A nursing child can smell the odor of its mother's perspiration, milk, and glands surrounding her nipples. A father comes home from work and picks up his young daughter; the wet chest hair and arm pit perspiration set the scene for erotic reaction to bodily smells later on in life. Men have loved the smell of used pantyhose, or the feet of nylons that have been worn all day. The inside of a "steamy hot" high heel can smell sexy as hell. Both as an adolescent and as an adult, I have often become aroused in a crowded locker room, strictly from the smells. Sometimes certain odors will trigger memories of a past sexual experience.

Technically speaking, erotic arousal from odors is called Olfactophilia, "stimulating the olfactory center in an erotic way." And, with the addition of touch, this can evoke an emotional response. This response will free a person to allow a natural chemistry to occur. People engaging in some bondage scenes often find the use of worn underwear stuffed into the mouth as a gag to be much more arousing than the use of the usual plastic and leather apparatus.

People with odor fetishes often prefer the smell of one body part over another. I know a woman who prefers to have sex with uncircumcised men
because there is a tendency for more penis odor. This woman finds smegma a real nasal delicacy. Foot fetishists love the odor of feet, shoes, and worn socks. Men with breast fetishes prefer the odor given from the areola glands. Other fetishes can include feces, urine, leather, and hair.

The arousal people attribute to odor is likely the result of our being able to detect "pheromones" through the vomeronasa organ in the nose. Pheromones are a series of short-chained aliphatic acids found in primates. They are specific chemicals the body releases that can be sexually exciting to a partner. These odors enter through the nostrils and cling to a receptor found in the nasal cavity. The aphrodisiac effect of body odor has been exploited for years. One historic example cites the story of a peasant man who had seduced many virtuous women. He carried a handkerchief under his armpit at dances. Once his partner began to perspire, he would use the ripe hankie to wipe her face. Even Napoleon is said to have commanded Josephine, "Don't wash, I'm coming home!"

Snickers says, "Until next time, use your nose as a sexual organ and sniff until orgasm!" Have fun, Snickers (Snatch-lady) Labarr. Call Xme; Voice mail: (503) 727-2491.


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