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hiding, and the kitchen would be filled with a cloud of smoke and laughter. It was a time when I would catch these women in an obviously satisfied state of pleasure. A satisfied woman is a sexy woman.

My taste tends to run towards the more decadent smoker. Any hag can take a hard drag off a bent Camel, but a woman with elegance can make the action pure poetry. demonstrates just that, and is entitled "Smoke and Italian Celebrities." I have no clue who the hell Afef Jnifen is, but this actress along with a handful of others are featured here in artistic black and white jpegs. These dragon ladies cover my bedroom walls. A truly wonderful site for artistic smoke erotica.

Another site that I go click and print happy at is WestHollywood/Village/5306/frames.htm: "French Inhale," a website put together by a smoke enthusiast like myself that contains many archives of vampy women and their fags. Eve, the owner of this site, has graciously scoured the www in search of some of the best smoke play images, doing all the hard work out for us. No ladies looking as if they are about to cough up a clam here!! (A shining example of that at: Good god! It's Marge Simpson's sister!)

Smoking devices of all types have always had a major role in the movies. A cigarette is a wonderful prop, providing dynamic motion and texture. It gives the actor or actress reason to move purposefully, and when well filmed, the smoke is turned into a phantom on the screen, moving with grace and flair. Rita Hayworth, Bogart and Kate Hepburn are featured along with hundreds of actors and actresses of yesterday and today at "Hollywood Glamour and the Art of Smoking in Cinema."

It's all in how you accessorize!! A woman with a long cigarette holder in hand seems to say "Stay back, you little worm." Tres sexy. A large selection of dahling holders can be found here at I love it! Even if you can't obtain a credit card to purchase one, it is fun to drool over the many styles. Long ones, short ones, colored ones.... (I feel like I'm talking about penises!!!) Ahhhhhh my life is such a drag.

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and fuck the surgeon general.

"That smoking is a form of oral pleasure, let there be no doubt" --Sigmund Freud

Crimson lips sealed around the tan filter, creating suction to pull a thick stream of smoke deep into the throat and lungs, all in the name of pleasure.... now that is a woman that knows how to satisfy her urges.

I am a sucker for a woman with a cigarette. Not only is it visually stimulating and intriguing for me, it stirs feelings of extreme arousal from deep within. The perfect definition of a fetish I suppose. How lucky I am then to find sexual desire in something so common! I become fixated on a vixen with a ciggie at least ten times a day, concentrating hard on the inhale, and feeling a wave of pleasure with each exhale. A dream weaver moment, so to speak, with a dash of guilty embarrassment when I get thrown back into reality, like a boy on the school bus getting caught with a boner.

I can't quite explain the attraction but I think it stems from childhood memories of my mother and her friends. It was a secret that they were always hiding from their husbands. Yet it seemed like the most natural and relaxed state for my mom and her gal pals. As soon as the men were gone, the Pall Malls would come out of

'I become fixated on a  vixen with a ciggie at  leat ten times a day...'