The End of the World -- Breathe Deep the Gathering Gloom - by brad jamison

Oxygen. We all breathe, right? Of the three vital elements the body needs for survival--food, water and oxygen--only the deprivation of oxygen will bring death in minutes. Rocket fuel is liquid, 90% oxygen. The air we breath is roughly ten to twenty percent oxygen. Raw fruits, vegetables and dairy products all contain free oxygen. Enter oxygenation therapy people who claim that the deterioration of the earth, all life forms and even the ozone layer are one unified problem of planetary oxygen depletion. We cut down forests which produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Carbon monoxide, from all fossil fuel burning, bonds with oxygen to form CO2. Less oxygen in the upper atmosphere means less ozone as ultra violet striking oxygen forms ozone--O2. Furthermore, ozone trickles down in rain and snow, reoxygenating the soil, the plants and eventually us--the top of the food chain.

'When we unleashed the atomic bomb, we had no idea what we were doing.'

It gets worse. Lack of upper atmosphere oxygen means less ozone and more UV reaching the earth, weakening all plant and animal life in their resistance to disease. And, according to some fringe physicists, the cycle is geometric, not arithmetic. We're talking parabolic curve, as opposed to straight line, increase in UV and decrease in oxygen and ozone. North America would fit into the ozone hole over Antarctica with plenty room to spare. In fact, some physicists say the ozone layer now resembles Swiss cheese. Great.

But wait. It gets freakier than that. Step into New World Physics and you find the discussion of a new, sub-atomic particle that is roughly one eightieth the size of an electron. This particle is man-made by any kind or electrical transformation and transmission, i.e. all radio and TV transmission, cell phone, and microwave. This particle cannot be measured by current equipment or theory. The last breakthrough in physics was the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal, which invented calculus to guess the mass, velocity and location of an electron at any given moment. But the moment you measure it, the electron changes mass, velocity, direction and location. And so you map a series of best guesses that determine the likely behavior of the electron. Given that state of affairs, you can see how a particle that is dwarfed by the mass of an electron cannot be proven to exist. But the fringe theorists are saying they do, they can penetrate anything (of course, since they are so small) and they are responsible for heating up the earth's core. And that leads to ozone depletion, oxygen depletion and climactic disaster--including droughts and electrical storms. Plus, the creation of these particles is a geometric progression as well.

Thinkers on this edge say the point of no return is near at hand. They convey that the Galileo-begat-Newton-begat-Einstein and each of the successive building blocks is dead wrong. Hence, a whole series of wrongs have created a technology based on disinformation. They say bodies do not fall at the same rate from any place on earth. That there are fluctuations in gravitational pull far below the one-tenth-lightspeed belief where Special Relativity takes over for Newtonian Physics. They say they can prove this. And prove that Special Relativity is wrong, too. In other words, when we unleashed the atomic bomb, we had no idea what we were doing. And one of the things we were doing was creating massive amounts of these super sub-atomic particles.

We have followed the physical theories of Galileo, Newton and Einstein to the grave--so say the New World Physicists. And the only solution is the complete and immediate shifting from an electron science based economy to a gravity science based economy. And everyone must cooperate. Or else.

The oxygen crusaders bring it all down to the simplest level: the "You Are The World" consciousness of J. Krishnamurti. Re-oxygenate yourself and the world will turn. And that is a whole other discussion. It means hydrogen peroxide therapy, ozone therapy, raw fruits and vegetables, exercise, and proper breathing; plus abandon your auto, cell phone, microwave etc. But wouldn't that be too inconvenient? OK. Just breath.