Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina

"Thank you, Goddess!" she said and then scampered down the hall into the "supply room." She came back in to the room with a long, thick, black vibrator. "This one ok, Goddess?" she then asked.

"Yes, now go away. I'm trying to eat and you're about to make me lose my appetite."

She quickly hustled her butt into the bathroom.

"You better not touch my clothes, especially my panties!" I shouted after her.
'I didn't want to show her that  I was feeling any stimulation from her gentle caress.'

"I won't, Goddess," she said, her voice fading around the corner.

Having finished the rest of my meal, I walked into the living room. I put the movie I had purchased earlier that day into the VCR. Fetishes was the title, a great little documentary about the elaborate dungeon in Manhattan called "Pandora's Box."

As I viewed the movie, I could hear muffled moans coming from the bathroom. With complete disgust, I turned up the volume. About halfway through the movie, my little house gimp scurried from the bathroom and knelt at my feet. She looked delirious, gazing up at me with beads of sweat dripping from her forehead. I told her to turn around and placed my feet on her back. I asked her if she properly cleaned herself again, and she said that she had. I continued to watch the movie. When it was over, I informed her that I was tired and for her to prepare the bed. I then followed behind her a few minutes later. The comforter and sheets were pulled back and the pillows properly fluffed. I told her to remove my robe and once she had, I slipped under the bedding naked. I then commanded her to go sleep in her corner. She did so promptly, huddling there with only a wool blanket and the hardwood floor. My dreams of new boots and equipment coaxed me off into a deep sleep.

--House Gimp Part II--

Ah, such a relief to have someone touch my flesh, even though her hands were gloved. I found my nipples getting hard and erect, however I didn't want to show her that I was feeling any stimulation from her gentle caress. I stood up to allow her to wash and condition the rest of my body. She moved the sponge in a circular motion around my buttocks and thighs. I turned around so she could wash the front of me. She then applied soap to my genital area and inner thighs. I found this quite stimulating, but once again, I did not want to show her any ounce of gratification. She then picked up the shower head extension and proceeded to rinse me off. Reminding her of my feet, she soon finished her task of bathing me. I stepped out of the tub and she dried me off.

I put on my robe and stepped into my slippers and told her that she could bathe in my bathwater just as long as she completely disinfected herself inside and out. I then stepped into the dining room to see what she had made for my dinner. Mmm. Salmon and brown rice with a side of sautéed zucchini. I poured myself a glass of water and sat down before my meal. I could hear her moving about the bathroom as she cleaned herself thoroughly. She then came into the dining room on all fours looking up at me for my next command.

"Well," I said, "You do smell much cleaner. Ajax and vinegar, right?"

"Oh yes, Goddess," she proudly said.

"I guess you haven't been so bad today," I continued, "Maybe even good. You may have your reward."

"Oh yes, Goddess please!" she whimpered. "The big one?"

"I don't think you've been that good," I replied. I detached a key hanging from my bracelet. "Here, go get the one you want."