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by Snickers LaBarr

Imagine your life without sex . . . by choice! To most readers, that seems like an impossible decision, or at best a ridiculous one. Usually my column throbs and oozes with everything wet and sexual. However, this month I want to take a 360 degree turn. I want to talk about celibacy. The mere sound of the word conjures up all types of thoughts. And probably inspires a chill of resistance.

Celibacy is, of course, sexual abstinence, and is still encouraged by many institutions, religious sects, and some governments for various reasons. At one time celibacy was the only recourse for unmarried women. Fortunately, that's no longer the case, but not too long ago men and women practiced celibacy to preserve their reputations. In some unique circumstances, people in "arranged" marriages practiced celibacy. They used the teachings of the church as an excuse not to have sex with their spouses.

Yesteryear and today, many choose celibacy during the absence of their lovers. Some maintain sexual abstinence due to debilitating fear and hate of sex as a result of sexual and emotional abuse. Of course their are some folks who feel they are forced into celibacy due to the lack of an available partner. Not to mention couples with harbored resentments, hurt and anger toward one another who slip into a welcomed relationship of celibacy. Religious homosexuals who desire a pure standing in their church choose celibacy. (Not only homosexuals do that I may add.)

There remains an ongoing debate if celibacy allows the practice of masturbation. Depending on the indoctrination, some celibates do masturbate while others adhere to it being strictly forbidden.

Sexual abstinence is sometimes viewed as character building. Throughout history many artists and writers practiced celibacy. They claimed it enhanced their creativity

and production. Some professional athletes believe sexual abstinence enhances their performance as well.

Most people are unaware that the U.S. military in WWI was flooded with moral reformers, promoting celibacy through a kind of brainwashing. The horrors of venereal disease and paranoia that labeled women as spies or disease infected prostitutes was drummed up out of concern for a lack of manpower.

The Victorian view on sex was less religious and powered more by a pseudo medical scare. Physicians at that time believed that the loss of semen caused a depletion of vital psychic energies, resulting in insanity and death. Therefore, the only justifiable orgasm was to propagate the species. Furthermore, writings from the early 1900's by the medical profession claimed all forms of oral sex could cause cancer, and anal intercourse had even worse consequences.

'Different strokes for different folks.... even if that means no strokes at all!'

By now you may be wondering (as any regular fucker or masturbator would), are there any long term negative physiological effects of celibacy? Some schools of thought speculate that long term abstinence may atrophy the pubobobbygeus muscles. Those are the specific muscles which are responsible for controlling spasm during orgasm. Of course Snickers (being a non-judgemental entity) supports the saying "different strokes for different folks!" Even if that means no strokes at all. Personally, not my cup-of-tea!

Until next time my little lust logs, make decisions that are appropriate for you. For me, well, I have chosen celibacy between each daily orgasm. Charmed! Love you as always. Snickers (Snatch-Lady) LaBarr.

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