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It's hard to let go of a business that you have put so much sweat, time, money, sacrifice and love into growing. I've had that experience only a few times in my life, and it's like letting go of your own child. Closing down Bad Kitty recently was one of those times.

For three years me and my partners poured in the juice, and all we got back was pride (one of the seven sins). We lost money. But it looked great, and it sounded great. And it probably would work given the right location and capitol investment.

Like any love, it's always a little easier if you wean yourself from it slowly, and then close it down, telling yourself that you'll re-open at a later date. Right. Like that'll ever happen.

Anyway, it was a great name. And I have a great t-shirt to show for it. The lesson here is, when you know it's not gonna work, despite all the exceptions, you just need to let go... Anybody need a pipe?

XLastly, here's to Ian, we'll miss you...


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