"Nothing But the Naked Truth"

Oct 1999

It's hard to overlook Gina Velour; especially since she stands about 5'9" and her legs go on forever. As the local fetish photographer/ filmmaker/ model/curator/ legend most likely to succeed, most of us stand eclipsed in the shadow of her self-aggrandize-ment. Velour once told this curmudg-eon that she re-sents the labor of promotion and net-working necessary to get one's work seen and presented in the public eye. Velour voiced dis-dain for the low-ering of art into the who-you-know re-ality of getting ahead. The art should be enough on its own, she opined, without all the preening, pran-cing and posturing about. Well, all idealistic horseshit aside, I don't know anyone any better at promoting their own work. While many are content to build a little comfortable box barely big enough to contain their egos, then whine about not being noticed, Velour is making sure everyone knows about her ventures, including the new Suck It And See. This erotic music video, written and directed by Jacob Pander, is launched this month on home DVD and VHS. And Exotic is proud to present Suck It And See cast member Gigi Fontaine on our cover, shot by, who else, Gina Velour.

We're grateful that Velour is not lounging around eating Bonbons waiting to be discovered, and floated this juicy pic our way. You can say what you want about Suck It..., and rex will have his say next month, but Velour, Pander and company are creating a lot of paying work for Portland's aspiring models/actors. Creative, fun, exciting work. And they're not waiting for anyone to come to them. It's admirable, sex-positive, shaking-off-the-cobwebs and the nay-sayers kinda stuff. Hell, we wish Velour would come light a fire under our lazy butts over here at Exotic. Gina Velour is like a stiff sea breeze in a town shuttered up-tight too long. And if you don't like her, it's probably because you're jealous. Or you don't want to stick your head up outside of your box. You go, girl.

SUCK IT AND SEE: 32 minutes; 7 song erotic music video; release date, October 26th; DVD, $29.95; VHS, $19.95 Visit sites for ordering info: www.islandlife.com; www.sputnik7.com; www.pussyfoot.co.uk. Also available at Tower Records, Virgin Megastores.

A City Council meeting is to be held just after our press deadline on Wednesday, September 29, concerning a proposed city ordinance placing new regulations on escort services and lingerie modeling shops. A full report on what has happened will be printed next issue. In the meantime, you can call our office at (503) 241-4317 for any questions regarding this matter. If the ordinance passes City Council, it will take effect in 30 days, (October 29). And there will be a 60-day grace period for businesses to comply (December 29). So, basically the new regulations would not take effect until after the new millennium. Y2K problems, anyone?
October, the Witching Month, is upon us; and now that the sun is gone and Autumn is in full swing, what do the guys do after all the yardwork is done? Well, there are some new places in town that will make the end of summer seem a whole lot brighter. The Northwest's "Gentlemens Club of the 21st Century," Exotica, has been open less than a month and already is one of Portland's most exciting clubs with some of the classiest woman in town. Two other new hot spots around town are Shanny's, 6008 N. Greeley, and Portland's newest exotic dance club, Wildcats, at 10140 SW Canyon Rd. Check them out and tell'em "Exotic sent ya."

Oh My God! It's Stella Rides Again Birthday Bash and benefit for breast cancer, coming at you like a freight train at Mary's Club. On Sunday, October, 10th, from 5 till 9 pm, Stella and her groove gang, featuring DJ DeFresto and, Oh Shit!, Thar She Blows, Gina Velour, will knock your fuckin' socks off. Bring money to tip BIG, as all tips, in addition to the teensy, weensy little cover of 2 bucks, goes to breast cancer charities. Now you can feel good about going out to a titty bar. Dammit! PS: Stella turns the big three oh. So . . . Now she's in her prime.

For a whole lot of true Halloween spirit, check out Downtown Portland's #1 dance club Magic Gardens--erotic dancers, great food, cool music, the Witches Way! And for the hottest place in heaven, hell or Portland,

on Oct. 30, go to CJ's "Halloween Disco Party and Costume Contest. "Lots of great cash and other cool prizes are going to be given away, so get there early!

Be sure to keep all eyes and ears out for news on a very special event happening soon at Jody's. And remember, they hold "Portland's Big-gest Weekly Dance Contest" every Thursday night, and incred-ible" morning and afterwork spec-ials"daily, not to mention some of the sexiest wom-en in town, "Thanks Jody!"

Dancin' Bare is holding their next "Amateur Night"on Nov.13; come see this town's newest talent. Girls, if you've ever wanted to be an Exotic Dancer, here's your chance to be in the spotlight!

And when you want to stick to the basics of "Wine, Women and Song"go to the Boom Boom Room, they'll treat you right! And this month they're having their big, One-Year Anniversary splash and Halloween Dance Contest on Sunday, October 31st. $500 cash to dance contest winners, $100 to best customer costume!

Stars Cabaret will be having their annual Bar & Restaurant Industry Vendor Fair at their spacious Salem facility on Tuesday, Oct. 12 from 3pm till midnight. They are inviting everyone from the adult industry to come and check out various vendors that can help in business, especially club owners. The luau starts at 6pm... Get the pig!

Cathie's is having a Spectacular Sidewalk Sale Thursday thru Sunday, Oct. 14 - Oct 17, with specials on clothes, shoes and erotic accessories. Don't miss this event; it only happens once a year!

With the ghosts and goblins out and about haunting this month, many are staying in, but before you barricade the doors and windows and light the jack-o-lanterns in the hopes of surviving the night of the undead, stop by Fantasy "For Adults Only." They have everything you need from mild to wild, with 5 locations, one near you.

Gentlemen and Ladies, for a unique twist to "Dinner and a Movie," take your sweetheart to the Jefferson Theater--"The Northwest's Premier Adult Theater." They now have "Special Couples Seating."

Leather & Lace invites you this haunting season to take a trip on the dark mysterious erotic side, with Circe, Cloe and Eve or any of their fine entertainers, "Indulge your fantasies."

Babydolls and Honey-Suckles are celebrating the return of everyone's favorite little Romanian dancer... Yes, Taylor is back...

Palace of Pleasure is back, ten times nicer with a million-dollar remodel. Stop by and check out the ultimate in luxury.

We at Exotic would like to welcome Magik Visions to our pages this month; they offer private Lingerie and Nude shows, Personal Apparel, and Oh Yes! Private Accessories.

There will be a meeting on the adult zoning legislation in early November. All adult business owners will be contacted about time and place. For further
information call (503) 241-4317. There will also be a booth and speakers from the ACLU and OCFE at the Stars Cabaret Vendor Fair, Tuesday, Oct. 12 from 3pm till 6pm in Salem. Adult business owners are encouraged to attend.

Governor Jesse Ventura has got his panties in a bundle. Or he just stepped on his dick. Dennis Hof, proprietor of Carson City Nevada's Moonlite Bunnyranch, decided to take Governor Jesse at his word when Ventura said he got paid to have sex at the Moonlite Bunnyranch. So Dennis proclaimed in his ads, including the full page ad that runs in Exotic and San Francisco's Spectator, "I had sex at the Moonlite Bunnyranch."--Gov. Jesse Ventura. Way to go Jesse. But now the Ventura For Minnesota Inc. attorneys have informed Hof (see letter at right): "It has recently come to our attention that you or your organization have been advertising 'The Moonlight (sic) Bunnyranch' with print advertisements that incorporate the name or image of Jesse Ventura. This is to let you know that, unless you first obtained express written permission from Jesse Ventura or Ventura for Minnesota, Inc., you may be violating the law."

On the other hand, you may not. Sounds like ex-pro wrestler, Ventura, still likes throwing his weight around. Hof has Al Goldstein (Screw magazine) and Larry Flynt lined up and ready to got to war for Hof's first amendment rights. Meanwhile, the media from Minnesota to Fox TV to England, are starting their feeding frenzy on this story. You see, Ventura brags about having sex at the Bunnyranch in his book, then says, sorry, you can't essentially quote me on what I've said to promote

myself in the past. What an ass.

Anyhow, the story according to Ventura goes: way back when Ventura was in the Navy Seals, he went to the Moonlite Bunnyranch and a girl paid him ten dollars plus her sexual favors in exchange for Ventura's Navy Seals belt. Hof has a $25,000 reward out for that belt, and, as this goes to press, he may have found the woman who has it in Seattle.

Apparently, Ventura thought that he could just flex his muscles and the little guy, Hof, would wilt. Not so. The whole affair has blown-up into gargantuan, metal chair throwin' network TV publicity for Hof. And the media doesn't seem to be siding with the Governor. They like the little guy on this one. After all, prostitution is safe and legal in Nevada and Hof is just restating what Ventura has already written to advertise Hof's brothel. It's far too unamerican to slam Hof for his ingenuity in advertising.

In the meantime, you'll notice the Ventura quote is dropped from the Bunnyranch ad this month. But it will be back as an exact quote from Ventura's book. Because an exact quote cannot be questioned, no matter how many attorneys and left-over booty you have in your campaign coffers. In fact, a paraphrase quote that captures the true essence of what Ventura said cannot be litigated either. But Hof is erring on the safe side.

And it all started here with the ad in Exotic magazine that was brought to the attention of Ventura For Minnesota Inc. by a local, competing publisher who faxed a copy of the ad to Ventura (see lower right).


I'll close with the last line from the letter to Hof: "The Governor does not profit personally from any of the 'Officially Licensed' items currently being sold." Yeah, right. And I've got some beachfront property for sale in Nevada. But if Ventura got paid to have sex at the Bunnyranch, does that make him a whore? Of course it does.

After all, he's a politician.

--Rex Breathes