I am a big believer in karma, but sometimes I like to give karma a kick in the ass to get the ball rolling. I type "fuck love" into a search one day and what appears before my eyes... at least 10,000 other individuals who also got bent over by a loved one. A universal pity party. I grab my soggy Kleenex and jump on the train. Poor me. Poor him.

All good things must come to an end? All bad things must come to an end? Things end? A bitter end perhaps? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Do you feel wronged!?! Cheated? Is it a direct result of a somebody? Don't sit and stew. DO. I'm talking revenge. Sweet! Now cackle along with me.

"This site offers just the thing to get the 'Wish you weren't here' message across."

So lets begin with a site entitled You Suck at yousuck.html . Very appropriate. This page allows you to vent (bitch) about the asshole in question. The message can then be posted for future visitors. Donna is stupid, Donna is bad, she is the girl that everyone has had! Donna is a whore, Donna's a slut, holy shit she's fucked a mutt! So maybe it is not direct retaliation but damn it feels good!!! Just a word of advice, if you are sending hate mail, you may want to check your spelling so that you won't look like the one who sucks....

A similar site entitled Men Are Scum at Dungeon/2167/ is definitely an all woman domain. Not only can you post a message about the bastard, but you can submit (banish) his ugly mug to "the dungeon" as well. View the slime and gripe with other dames in distress.

Revenge artists, getting-even masters, skilled pranksters, and avenging aficionados, welcome to Here is where you will find growing tales of mischief and mayhem. A K-mart for the disgruntled. Attention unstable shoppers, this site offers just the thing to get the "Wish You Weren't Here" message across. Send an unloved one (preferably at the office) a dozen long stemmed dead roses. Perhaps a box of melted chocolates, or even better a funeral wreath. Revenge Unlimited believes that there are people in desperate need of a good dose of humility. I agree. offers free information about revenge, getting even, The Avenger's Handbook, revenge newsgroups & chatrooms, pranks & practical jokes. This website offers links to places entitled What An, Ex-Lovers Club--Revenge is Sweet!, and a grip more of other evils (Lets cackle again!). This site also specializes in the disgruntled worker. JobHater, for instance, Toying with Customers, or my all time favorite, How To Turn The Work Life Of A Local 7-Eleven Employee Into A Living Hell. Ahhhhh too bad my ex is not a squishy machine supervisor.

Can't stand being bitter? Well, you little spineless worm, slither back to the one who holds the leash and kiss ass with the help of Mark's Apology Note Generator at . Mark takes you step by step so that you can design an e-mail apology by using a simple form. It is all point and click. No need to use the ol' noodle. (Pussy!)

XClick on that sweethearts!!!!!!