Superior Sadist by Goddess Severina
I explained to him how this was my private conference room, and pretended that I was closing the blinds so he would not be seen by his co-workers. I then informed him that I had something for all the nasty sluts that entered here. I led him in to the room and to the right was a large platform. I told him to pull the carpet off of it. When he did that, it revealed a stage lined with lights. Behind the stage was a large mirror, and in the center was a pole. I turned on the blinking stage lights and told him to climb up on stage. I then instructed him to bend over and move his hips around like he would do to try and seduce the potential clientele that he would pick up on Burnside. After I instructed him to try and lure me in to his nasty world, he got down on his hands and knees and awkwardly moved his hips around, not even coming close to representing a woman. My next command was for him to stand up and move around the pole.

"Try and seduce the pole like it was a large cock," I chided.

He stood up, and started humping the pole like a dog. I retrieved my large 5 foot crop and applied a painful line across his rear end, informing him to try to act like a woman, not an animal. He was becoming very excited, which was very apparent through his lingerie as he tried to appease my commands, this time sticking his butt out. In the mirror, his G-string covered hips, almost resembled femininity. I told him to get back on his knees, bend over with his butt facing the mirror, and look at himself clad in his garters, stockings and G string and tell me what a nasty slut he was."Oh, boss. I'm such a nasty slut!" he moaned.

"Are you going to do everything I tell you?" was my stern reply.

"Oh yes, boss. I really don't want to lose my job. And please, don't show anyone those pictures. I'll do anything you ask!" he pleaded.

"Well," I said, "I have 5 very incriminating pictures."

I informed him that every time he wanted one of the blackmail pictures back, he would have to come and see me in my office. The threat was that we would visit this "conference room" and that each time he would prove to me what a nasty slut he was. I made it clear that I no longer wanted him to prostitute himself without my permission, and that every time he did, I would receive the gratuity of his ventures.

I hooked the leash back on to his collar and guided him to the room that we had started in. His final humiliation was to climb up on the torture rack, lie on his back, and stick his legs up in the air with his toes pointed while reaching down between his legs to play with his nasty "pussy," which he did enthusiastically.

"If you don't do everything that I tell you," I warned, "I will bring all of your co-workers in to this room now and show them how ridiculous you look.

"Please, boss, no!" he begged. "I could never live that down."

"Then show me what a nasty slut you are by demonstrating good earning potential on the streets." I returned harshly.

"Ok, boss. Anything you say. Just please don't bring anyone in the room."

"Turn over on your stomach, and stick your ass in the air, and play with yourself."

He quickly turned over, following my commands with loud moaning and groaning. After he relieved himself into the panties, I told him that he was truly a nasty slut and needed to have more serious training. I commanded him to get dressed and kiss my shoes and thank me for his training lesson. He scrambled to do my bidding. I told him to stand, kiss my hand and thank me for my time. X