...By Snickers LaBarr - -
...Eyes closed, beads of perspiration on your forehead....ecstatically pumping your partner.... Do you desire to have deeper penetration? Do you want to make your ejaculation quicker? Do you want to make the coming experience last longer? Surprisingly enough, those desires can become a reality simply through "POSITIONING." Charmed! Yes, your sexual positioning can be everything.

Thankfully, people nowadays have no reservations about experimenting with sexual positions. Not in any way an earth shattering revelation. It was the Catholic Church who accepted the laws of the stoics (sometime around 100 B.C.) who declared couples could only screw in a supine position with the male on top! For centuries, guilt and shame burdened many who tried any variation.

"This month, as the weather begins to chill, bedrooms and sex play will start to heat up."

Many of you sexually-educated readers know that different positions will allow a partner access to different parts of a partner's body. It can also allow one to regulate degrees of pressure on the cock or clit.

This month, as the weather begins to chill, bedrooms and sex play will start to heat up. Sex can take on a new aspect of creativity. And like I say, positions can make it happen. Positions that facilitate orgasm for females who prefer clitoral stimulation require the male to be lying (spoon position) or standing behind. He is then able to reach around and stimulate the clit with his ever-probing fingers. This actually can be done in the missionary position as well. In that configuration, stimulation is accomplished by pulling out the dick a couple of inches so that the tip remains in the vagina. Allowing the base of the penile shaft to rest and press against the clit. The throbbing hard-on then can be rotated in circles or thrust up and down or back and forth, yet always remain in contact with the little button of sensitivity.

As for the man who wants to ejaculate more slowly, he can use the missionary position with the woman on top or any other position that offers a lesser amount of pressure and friction.

Conversely, a guy who wants to come more quickly must select positions that increase stimulation. Entering the woman from behind or the missionary position with the woman's legs raised over the guy's butt work well, as does the scissor position where the prick hits the side of the vagina. Also, if the woman holds her legs together she can increase the pressure on the cock.

If this article is acting as an erotic "turn-on" (which is part of my goal, I will admit), I would like to take a moment and list what almost every sex survey reveals as the top ten "turnons":

10. Phone sex! (totally safe, potentially a little messy).
9. Use of sex toys.
8. Sharing sexual fantasies with your partner. (Men who feel extremely secure and safe with their mate do this.)
7. Forcing someone else to have sex with you. (A scene, not rape.)
6. Being forced to have sex.
5. Having a third person join your sexual twosome.
4. Having sex with a stranger.
3. Watching another couple go at it!
2. Seeing two women together fueling the fantasy furnace.
And number one turn-on:
#1. Voyeurism! (We are visual creatures and are consciously as well as unconsciously exposed to thousands of erotic images each and every day! Thank God, I might add. OOOOO!)

Well, well, well. With all this talk, my hands want to wander off the keys of my typewriter, if you know what I mean. However; I will leave you with a theory of mine. Being the sexpert that I am, I will tell you what men really, really, really, want out of sex:...and that is more than one good orgasm during sex without having to take a rest period.

Until next time, play hard and be hard!

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