Issue #76 * Volume 7 * Number 5

November 1999

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Publisher & Creative Director
Frank Faillace'

Senior Editors
Gary Aker
Viva Las Vegas
Bob Armstrong

Production Director
Bobby Baldwin

Graphic Design
Jack Dawkins

Office Manager
Karla Foster

George Miller
Dan Selzer

Brian Hevener
Gary Aker

The Night Shift
John Henry & Renee


Gary Aker, David Aaron Clark, Teresa Dulce, Dan DePrez, Viva Las Vegas, Jimmy Doyle, Rex Breathes, Snickers LaBarr, Dan Reed, Art Bouthillier, Bob Armstrong, Goddess Severina, Dee, Don Zulaica, Jim Redden

Cover Model-- Isis from Jody's
Photography-- George Miller

Exotic is not liable for any images of models used by advertisers to promote products or services. Rights and releases are sole responsibility of the advertisers. All persons appearing in photos are over the age of 18. Any reproduction of materials presented herein without the expressed written consent by the publisher is forbidden by law. So there. All submissions welcome. No animals were harmed in the making of this magazine. No batteries required. There's a fine line between romance and restraining order. Characters in this magazine are purely fictional. Any resemblance to ex-girlfriends, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This publication has been certified as Y2K Compliant.

Good artistic prose is not written... it's torn and bled and manipulated and hallucinated from the mind of the semi- to fully deranged psyche. What you are reading right now, fortunately or unfortunately, is not good prose... But the rest of this magazine is full of quality writing. This is what separates us from the rest of the regional adult publications in our market and in the rest of the country. We know it. But every once in a while it's nice to hear it from people--people who's work and critique we respect, people who appreciate what we are trying to do here--something that has been gradually occurring over the last hundred years in this puritanical country, and only recently accelerated: Blending adult entertainment with the mainstream entertainment world for a more sophisticated European outlook on sex. "Dirty" pictures are erotic. Artistic nudes are erotic. And so is good prose that makes your most important sex organ orgasm.
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