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Ahhhhhhh fall. The air has that wonderful crisp clean bite, the trees are putting on their spectacular technicolor show, and flu season has just arrived. I am enjoying the latter. So here sits Seven, the recently single gal, who should be out on the prowl all dolled up, but is instead moping at home with hanky in tow, and lungs that sound like a deflating bag pipe. Cruel. Baggy eyes, greasy hair, stinky pits, even my kitty has fled. Yet even still, I am horny. When all else fails, it is time to make love to yourself. Sex for one. Let me show you how to battle flu season alone without neglecting the old libido. (Seven you tiger.)

Sexuality experts agree that orgasms are good for your mental, emotional, and physical health. And it doesn't seem to make any difference whether the orgasms are self-induced or experienced with a partner. Solo is a website dedicated to the proposition that masturbation is a natural, healthful, pleasurable practice for both men and woman of all ages. Find out what the medical and psychological experts have to say and check out the history of how people have tried to make others conform to unnatural lives of denial (those bastards). Pointers are also given to help you bone up on your technique.This site definitely says to go ahead and give yourself a hand!

Then there are the tools of the trade! The beauty of the Internet is that you can purchase that 12 inch hot pink dildo without even blushing. is the Doc Johnson headquarters and brags three decades of dildo excellence (only the best for my hoo-ha). They carry a full line of adult novelties at reasonable prices. Yay!

If I am doing an article on the subject of masturbation, it is only fair that I mention one of my sexual heroes, Nancy Friday. I have been a big fan of this great lady since I was much too young to be reading her books. A very controversial author of the 70's who brought to light the power of fantasy and the sexual woman. Her two earlier books contain numerous submissions from women of all walks of life which shatter taboos as they describe the intimate fantasies that sexually arouse women. This author will definitely cause your hands to creep down your pants. I highly suggest taking a peek at her site and purchasing her books.

"The way to understanding Creation is through the Meditation of Masturbation, for GOD IS A MASTURBATOR." mmmmmmm, okay. I just had to inject this site into my column for the pure cheese factor. rubbed me as a religious cult for masturbation of some sort. I'll have to admit that the graphics are beautiful (though I could do without the heavy breathing in the background). "The Masturbation of God is a metaphorical representation of the Greatest of Mysteries." I guess I'm not in touch with my metaphysical side. I'll just touch myself instead.


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