Her agent took 30-35% off each call, making sure the girls made at least $100-140 for forty-five minutes of work. Tips were all yours. Agent lady wanted a phone call the first five minutes of the job, and right after it was done. She wanted to know the counted cash was in hand and the escort felt safe to carry the appointment. Agent lady was good at phone screening customers too; if someone was over the top inappropriate, drunk or high, the boys wouldn't get the privilege of seeing a lady.

When Abby went for the job, her agent told her that in her ten years of experience, only a third of the men wanted actual sex, but most all of them wanted an ejaculatory release. But whether that was by hand, mouth or pussy, girls should only do what they felt comfortable doing. And if Abby did "make sex" with her clients, she must please use a condom. Agent lady reminded the girls to walk away from the money if they felt creeped out or thought the customer was a cop. She detested the word "john" and didn't want the women calling themselves hookers or whores. She told Abby never to describe her measurements by inches and that if a customer wasn't respectful on the phone, that's exactly how he'd act in person.

Liza had already been busted in a hotel sting and didn't feel like working in town for a few. Her agent said he may have heard of something about a house that girls worked out of somewhere on the East Coast. He didn't know much about it, but he did know a girl named Debbie who made $5,000 in one week. Liza called the House and talked to the Lady manager. She said that because Liza modeled porn she could get more money for a job, and that she'd pick Liza up from the airport.

'Good Pimp, Bad Pimp'

Liza flew out and called when she landed. Lady manager changed her tune and told Liza to take the bus. Girl was led to an apartment, not a house, and it was way below par. They wouldn't let her go to the store and get food, making it impossible to feed herself for a week. The customers were gross and pushy and it didn't take long for Liza to realize that nobody was going to tip and that the sexual services weren't on her terms. The women weren't chained to the wall, but they weren't allowed to leave the apartment either.

Bitch lady boss treated all the girls like shit and withheld their daily earnings until the week was up. One day, the Bitch drove the girls to a mall far away and refused to drive them back, leaving them stranded with a $50 cab fare. The other girls were about 18 or 19 and took it 'cause this was the most money they were going to make. If only Liza had brought enough cash to buy an emergency plane ticket....but she was tough and dealt. And she spoke up, resisting clients as best she could when they wanted a blow job without a condom. Wouldn't you know, that cocksucker called her boss afterwards and complained that she was "uncooperative" and a snob.

Liza wished she asked more questions before she got into that situation. Was tipping encouraged? Could she refuse a client? If things didn't work out, was she free to go? Her agent said Debbie had made money, but plans moved so fast that Liza didn't get the chance to meet, much less talk to Debbie. Later she realized that they had rushed her into a maneuver. Liza used to work for herself and only did what she wanted to do and at her price. Now she's getting herself booked out by someone else, and getting used and abused.

Slogan 2000: Die Bad Pimps.