"Excuse me while I wipe off my mouse!

There was a time when that statement would make no sense at all. However, nowadays (and I predict more after the millennium), it makes perfect sense in the world of "computer sex!"

People everywhere are typing out smut with one hand and pleasuring themselves with the other. Charmed!! Technically speaking, computer sex refers to computer user networks or bulletin boards where people exchange steamy sexual information.

The content usually consists of sexual fantasies, jokes, personal ads, or even sexual graphics between two on-line HORN DOGS! For the discreet shopper, sex toys and other paraphernalia can be ordered through on-line catalogs.

˝People everywhere are typing out smut with one
One of the most popular aspects of computer networks are introduction services for singles, swingers, gays, sadomasochists, and discontented marrieds surfing for sexual partners. I personally know of several couples who have met the fantasy person of their dreams on-line. They have even divorced their spouses and relocated to be with their new "computer conquest." Unfortunately, in these three cases, the relationships soon dissolved. Reality did not live up to the computer screen life.
Okay, back to what most folks like to do . . . which is to engage in on-line communication that leads to wet, horny, nasty masturbation. These messages are referred to as "one-handed postings." This process can be awkward because one has to type in order to keep communication open. (Don't you wish now that you had taken the typing course in High School?) I know one guy who has mastered this and is even able to do it at his desk during work hours. (Yes, he has been caught in his cubicle with a red face on several occasions.)
You may be wondering where computer sex, or "on-line hand jobs," as I like to call them, is headed in the near future. Well, some of my computer nerd authorities tell me future technology will include the ability to create tactile sensations. This would come from three dimensional video projections, or virtual reality. Some imagine this will enable porn stars to perform fellatio and other delicacies on the computer user, thus creating the new term, "Teledildonics."
Personally, I intend to be around for all the fun! Anything that allows personal choice, safety, and does not cause discomfort for someone else is a win-win situation.
So, my "finger-frolickers," until we meet again through this column, explore the available titillation of technology.
Love 'Ya, Snickers (snatch-lady) Labarr
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