The phone rings.


"Yes, Crush Goddess, this is one centimeter Michael."

"Let's begin."

You're in a one man rowboat and you've lost your oars, having been cast adrift upon the vast ocean. It's been five days now and you've been desperately hoping for land. Around sunset, you notice an island far off in the distance. After a few hours, your boat finally touches the shore. You jump out of the boat and run up and kiss the land, thanking God that you lived through the whole ordeal. Unbeknownst to you, I have been watching you and your tiny little boat far off in the distance all day.

I decide to retrieve my new little insect and add him to my collection. As I step across the streams and over the trees, my footsteps shake the ground. Not knowing what is approaching you, you tremble in fear as the rocks fall from the cliffs with my every footstep. Now I am standing over you. I am three stories tall barefoot with only a PVC body suit on, revealing my muscular and curvaceous body, my face so far away from you it can barely be seen.

"What do we have here? Another little insect to satisfy my sadistic ways?"

"Who are you?" you ask.

"I am the Crush Goddess, and you are my new little toy."

I pick you up by the scruff of your neck, your body a third the size of my finger, and I slip you down the front of my suit for safe keeping. My heartbeat is like a big bass drum in your ear.

"What are you going to do to me, Crush Goddess?"

"You'll find out," is my reply as I make my way back up to my palace that oversees the entire island.

 'I am the Crush Goddess,  and you are my new li

I stride across the cold hard marble floors and take you downstairs where I keep the rest of the insects. I pull you out of my top and let you glance around the large amazing room. The first thing you notice is five small cages. You can see tiny figures moving around in them. I open the top of one of the cages and place you in it, where you see three scared tiny men such as yourself; however, they are covered in bruises and scratches and wearing bandages around their chests. They're all screaming in fear. I pull out one of your new comrades, the one that's most battered and abused, and place him on the marble floor. As he's scrambling to get away, all of you start screaming for my mercy.

"There's nowhere to run," I tell the tiny man, "It is your time."

I walk over and sit in my large towering throne, and put my thigh high patent leather boots on. I stand up and start placing the toe of my foot over the squealing little man. I slowly lower my boot on top of his body and from the many days of torture and abuse, he can no longer scream for mercy. I slowly crush his ribcage and pelvis.

I kick aside his lifeless body and reach for you. You're so petrified with fear you can't scream. I place you in the same spot in which the previous man lost his life. Now I'm laughing at you as you squirm around, trying to get away. You know that I will not end your life this time. You know that I will probably just torture you over a long period of time under my boots as I have done with all the others.

I look down at you and say, "Ah! more breakable bones!" Then I slowly lower my boot down over your body. The weight is unbearable. You can barely breathe. You're screaming and moaning, begging me to stop, to have mercy; but I have none. The only mercy you will receive is in your death. Now I'm putting more pressure on your body. You can't even move your arms. There's so much weight on you now, you can't even breathe in for air to scream for mercy.

You can hear your bones snapping in your chest. The pain is unbearable as you feel your ribs puncture internal organs. Now I know that I've done enough damage that you will never escape, and I remove my boot from your body and allow you to breathe once again. I pick you up and toss you into the cage with your two remaining cell mates.

As I leave the room, I jokingly say, "See you tomorrow!"

"Goodbye one centimeter Michael."

"Thank you Crush Goddess. Thank you for your time."