The personal escort/lingerie modeling ordnance is bearing down like a woman scorned [Mayor Vera Katz] and is set for enactment on Dec. 28. There could be a lot of escort/lingerie models looking for work the day after New Year's, because there's enough hellacious fury in this new city code to close half of these private erotic show businesses overnight. Curtains. Which is, of course, one of the primary purposes of this ordinance.

Mayor Katz and company have a compelling interest to protect Portland's neighborhoods from prostitution. And escort/lingerie modeling services are just a thin veil concealing such activity. Or so the ordinance goes. No proof of these

If all this sounds absurd, it's partly because the ordinance itself is loaded with ludicrous, unreasonable and unfair demands. Not that government has any obligation to be fair and reasonable whatsoever. Here are some of the more obnoxious points in this city code:

  • A $200 initial licensing fee for any and all workers in the escort/lingerie modeling business, and $100 per year thereafter.
  • Police Bureau photos and fingerprints must be attached to all license applications.
  • Once the ordinance takes effect, no one can apply for a license who is in violation of the ordinance
  • All escorts/models must immediately notify the front desk of any motel/hotel upon arrival, give their names and license numbers, identify the room they are visiting, and notify the front desk again when they leave.
  • An escort/lingerie model cannot suggest a patron remove any clothing.
  • Fines are $100 for the first minor violation, and $500 for the second in any one year period. Three strikes and you're out. License suspended. (Note: Three strikes could occur in one day, in one session.
  • Failure to pay fines within ten days after notice will revoke your license.
ņIt would take a matter of weeks to get the ordi

allegations is required. The council assumes the Portland Police are always telling the truth.

An interesting sidebar to this ordinance is that former central precinct captain Mike Garvey was known to fraternize with male escorts. Garvey claimed that these male escorts and the business they worked for did not engage in prostitution. In the hullabaloo that followed, Garvey was suspended and eventually demoted. With the strict licensing of all escort/lingerie modeling owners and workers, and the open search and seizure scrutiny they shall receive, does that mean it will be OK for cops to associate with escorts? After all, in their soon-to-be continuous contact with escort/lingerie models enforcing the ordinance, some dating opportunities are likely to arise for the police.

  • Any worker caught without a license is subject to a $500 fine, six months imprisonment, or both; i.e., you must close shop or quit working until you receive your license.
  • Any escort/lingerie modeling business must permit police inspection at any time with reasonable notice and during business hours without notice.
  • A contract must be provided to every customer which gives the full name and license number of the model
  • Forwarding of phones for doing business away from home/office will not be permitted.
  • The addresses and phone number of all customers must be kept on file and open to police inspection at any time.
  • Any major violation results in the immediate revocation of your license. If your license is revoked, your application for a license denied, or you are caught working without a license, you cannot apply for a license for five years.

This may seem draconian, but there's precedence for this in the city's pawn shop ordinance. According to Brad Woodworth, a local attorney

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