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The monster that came out of City Hall late September, Ordinance no. 173799 "to regulate personal escort/lingerie modeling businesses," bears no resemblance to the original description of the law as explained to us at Exotic last July by the Portland Police Department. This fascist piece of civil-rights-bashing legislation brands legal business people as pimps and whores on record, makes private records public information, opens up legal businesses to police search without a warrant at any time, restricts free speech and expression, and even restricts the way a telephone is used in legal business transactions.

There are assurances from the police that parts of the law would not be enforced--and I respect their word that they would not be--but it does not matter. What matters is: The law is there. Whether strictly enforced or not, it exists. Administrations change, drugs and vice policies change, agendas change. Just because the law is not strictly enforced today does not guarantee it won't be tomorrow.

And just because the title of the law reads "to regulate personal escort/lingerie modeling businesses," does not limit it to those businesses. The part that really matters is the definition of model: "Personal Escort/Model means any person who is held out to the public as being available for consideration to date, socialize, visit, consort with or accompany, entertain, or pose for a patron." The "for consideration" part meaning in exchange for money, this definition can apply to many other things besides the "classic" Portland lingerie model or escort. For example, it could be applied to strip clubs featuring table dancing.

So despite assurances from the police department and the District Attorney's office--make no mistake about it--if at some time there is community or political pressure to shut down an adult business, this law will be used to do it--be it an escort agency, a lingerie modeling shop, a peep show or a strip club.

That's why, unless the law is changed and the fascist guts taken out of it, the Portland Area Privacy Alliance will fight it to the end.

For more information about the ordinance and the Portland Area Privacy Alliance, call (503) 241-4317.

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