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The "sex-ad" shows a black spiked heel supporting a firm, shapely calf and partial thigh. These graphics entice people to call escort services. They hook one into using phone sex lines. Or, most commonly, tempt a session with a dominatrix. Charmed!

Where? How? Why does a highly arched, tall stiletto shoe, often with seductive straps, stimulate a sexual rumbling deep in our erotic world? The image of that sharply designed accessory cocks our dark side. This attraction can easily develop into a fetish.

Altocalciphilia is the technical term for the intense love/sexual attraction to high heels. Some developmental psychologists feel this fetish is seeded and conditioned during early childhood. A shoe is one of the primary things a crawling child sees before its mother picks it up to nurture it. Thus, unconscious memory perhaps recalls being coddled next to a mother's breasts. So close in fact even the sound of her heart beat is audible. It becomes the cue for being cared for and loved. As the child grows and experiences that repetition, it can begin to take on a sexual nature.

The appeal of the shoe has a long history and is not just limited to humans. There was a case of a male chimpanzee who was raised in captivity. He developed a boot fetish and would masturbate by rubbing against the boot of his care giver. It is very common to see domestic house cats lovingly rub up against their owner's shoes after they have been worn. The feline experiences a euphoria something like he may have during a catnip high. Scent is definitely a key factor in human shoe fetishism. High heels, however; are the most appealing type of shoe. They had their beginnings with Catherine de Medici, a 16th century Italian who married Henry II of France. Catherine was a very petite woman. She had her shoes custom designed to give her height. This prompted a fashion rage among the aristocratic women of the time.

Americans were not exposed to high heels until a French prostitute brought several pairs with her to an elite New Orleans brothel during the mid nineteenth century. The madam soon noticed men were willing to pay more for this girl and quickly ordered more for the other girls.

“Why does a highly-arched, tall stiletto shoe st

Men in the S/M community are often in awe of the high heel. The potential danger of a high heel as a weapon produces high sexual arousal. The greatest height for a high heel is 9 inches, which is almost impossible to walk in. They are used exclusively in fetish play. Charmed!

I personally know of men who love to lie naked and have a woman press and poke around his cock and balls repeatedly with her high heels. I even know of several guys who engage in "heel fucking." This is a form of sex play. The men encourage the woman to insert the spike of her high heel shoe into their anus and gently massage their prostate. Sometimes, until they reach orgasm. Experienced dominatrixes know the safe depth of penetration and positioning to make this experience pleasurable. So now you can be aware that some people actually hunger for someone to "walk all over them!" What a high that whole scenario creates.

Well my lovelies, until next time, get "high" on high heels and realize there is a whole world of shoe sensuality to explore!

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