A Secret life - The confessions of a boot fetishist - by Jimmy Doyle

All fetishists know the frustration. Be they leg men, stocking men, corset men, hair men, boot or shoe men, even watch men, they all view movies and television with an eye to catching a glimpse of their fetish.

And usually a glimpse is all they get.

Mainstream movies rarely supply the in-depth shots of fetish objects that viewers like me look for, nay, demand. A Michelle Pfeiffer, say, or a Goldie Hawn, as actual examples among thousands, will be shod in boots in a Hollywood movie, really neat boots, too, expensive and made of hard shiny leather, but you will only see them for a second, as they are running down hallways from the villain or something. Occasionally a character will pull on her boots, or comment on them, like Susannah York in Robert Altman's Images, but usually boots are part of the background, the subtle scenery that tells you about a character.

"Fem Boots Video is the realization of a boot fetishist's dream."

And frankly most hardcore adult videos are no better. The people who make these movies don't even seem to understand fetishism. They have the models do things with the fetish object, or say things about the fetish that are inconsistent, at best, with real fetishism, and betray a profound ignorance of the very market they are trying to attract.

Thus it was until now, anyway. With the advent of Fem Boots Video, the 21st Century has its first, and I think best, boot oriented videos.

Announcing itself on its own website, nocturnalstudios.com/FBV/video.html, as "The world's first video production company dedicated to filming beautiful women in and out of their boots exclusively for boot lovers across the globe!," FBV is the realization of a boot fetishist's dream. The company manufactures great boot fetish videos that give attention to the boots just as a true fetishist would, within the context of a narrative that is designed to enhance the boots and arouse the craven fetishist's desire.

The main actresses for FBV are Danni and Lanie. Danni is a California blonde. Lannie is a brunette with smiling eyes. Both look very good in boots. For example, FBV: Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot, the first video from the company, is all boots all the time throughout its all too short 79 minutes. It begins with the girls sitting on a rather huge couch discussing their relationship with boots--what kinds of boots they find the sexiest, what it feels like to wear and be seen in boots. Each is wearing a pair of stiletto heeled thighboots (one black leather, the other suede with three buckles at the top). Then a photographer starts to snap pictures and, fueled by wine, they change into and show off different pairs of boots, including one red pair and one white pair, and engage in a little smooching and leather toe sucking.

It's a great video for people like me, and FBV seems to be truly interested in catering to the whims and fantasies of boot fetishists everywhere. In fact, FBV invites fetishists to submit their own fantasy scenarios; if accepted, the video is sent to the writer free.

Yes, thanks to FVB, it looks to be a great new Millennium.


Jimmy Doyle is a former New York cop now living in Portland. X