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by Snickers LaBarr

What does your body experience when you think about being castrated?

You probably feel fear, shock, panic, weak in the knees, or a sudden protective tightness in your crotch. All of these are natural responses. Men are really attached to their balls­no pun intended. Even the common phrase, "YOU GOT BALLS!" has a very positive connotation to it. It signifies strength, bravery, and aggressive courage.

Castration has been practiced throughout history in most cultures. It is practiced today much more than is commonly known or believed.

True castration is defined as the removal of the testicles. It can also include scrotum, penis, clitoris, or ovaries! Wow! Castration, both consensual and non-consensual has been done for political, religious, economic, medical, and sexual reasons.

Appropriately, the most feared form of castration among men is the complete removal of both the penis and testicles. My disclosure of the following information may make you a little queasy if you're squeamish, so be prepared. What I will describe was performed a long time ago, but nonetheless was done on real people. Many people. 'Castration, both consensual and non-consensual, has been done for political, religious, economic, medical and sexual reasons.'

The castration procedure began by placing the victim on a table, immobilizing him, and tying a cord around his penis and scrotum. This would cut off all circulation. Then the genitals were sliced off with a razor. Cauterizing the open wound was the last step.

The victim was not allowed to eat or drink for several days, and was then given water so that the urine flow would open the urethral passage. Only about 20% of the patients survived this surgery.

Other methods were similar, but the victim was often given alcohol and a hot bath to decrease pain. After the penis and testicles were tied off and severed, alum and antiseptics were applied, a feather quill was then inserted into the urethra to prevent it from healing shut. People undergoing this procedure had just under a 50% survival rate. Ouch!!! Would you really want to even survive?

Fortunately nowadays castration methods done under medically sound conditions, and are quick and actually painless. An entire book could be written about modern day castration.

I know by now you are wondering what the physical effects of castration might be.

The effect of testicle castration on a pre-pubescent male is weight gain, increase in height and length of limbs, reduction of body hair, and retention of prepubescent voice and demeanor.

Testicle castration after pubescence may produce a decrease in mental acuity, physical vitality, aggressiveness, desire for social interaction, appetite, and sex drive. The effects can take several years to develop, and may not develop at all if the adrenal gland functions properly.

Thankfully, most likely none of you readers will ever experience castration, except perhaps in a fantasy S/M scene). However the next time you hear the phrase; "GET YOUR ROCKS OFF!" there could be more than one interpretation. Think of the possibilities!

Love Ya, Snickers (Snatch-lady) Labarr

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