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[One of Gina Velour's photos of Terea Dulce's foot. Featured at Ped Agree, a benefit show for Danzine on First Thursday, April 6th from 8pm 'til 10pm at Medusa Tatoo & Gallery, 310 SW 4th, downtown Portland.]Ped Agree Benefit for DanzineTen Naughty toes are coming at you in the erotic art show, Ped Agree--a group show featuring Portland's edgy artists paying tribute to Teresa Dulce's feet, no less.

First Thursday, April 6th, from 8 till 10 PM, Arnold Pander, Ernest Truly, Gina Velour and other intrepid souls will arch your eyebrows at the Medusa Tattoo and Gallery, downtown Portland, at 310 SW 4th, suite 230. The goal of the silent auction show, hanging through April, is to raise money in benefit for Danzine--a non-profit magazine dedicated to and created by sex workers. Elmer Batters fans (vintage 60's toes and hose photography ala Tip Top) take note: Gina Velour's photos of Teresa's leg ends are not to be missed. A painting of Teresa's feet working a dildo also comes off quite well. As for the rest, which we are not privy to at this time, you'll just have to show up and see. Rub shoulders with sex workers and artists and freaks and bid on your favorite portrayal of Teresa Dulce's feet. As the founder and editrix of Danzine, and contributor to Exotic magazine, as well as the grooviest sex worker activist in town (maybe on the West Coast), your support, admiration and dollars couldn't go towards a worthier cause celebre. Okay? And, should your budget be on the tiny side, Teresa's socks, guaranteed to have been worn by her (a Polaroid in the Ziplock bag of Teresa wearing the socks confirms this) will be available for a pittance, like under 20 bucks. Wow.


We proved that you CAN fight City Hall,

but we still have to pay for it...


Last September, the City of Portland enacted a law unfairly restricting the rights of escort and lingerie modeling businesses. We formed a coalition of small business owners and sex workers to mount a legal challenge to this law. We finally won in court this March. Unfortunately we still owe about $17,000 of the $32,000 total attorney fees. If you haven't already donated, please donate today! If you have donated, thank you; can you donate more? If you have paid fees to the City of Portland, we can help you get reimbursed, and you can donate all or part of the fees to help pay this bill. Send this ad in with your donation. Mail to P.A.P.A., PO Box 42655, Portland OR 97242-9998. Call (503) 241-4317 for more information.


GentlemenŐs Club Events and News

April is here and Spring has sprung a leak. Aside from starting off foolish and ending with a rabbit-n-egg fetish, it's also that time of the year when the tax man takes a bite out of your ass. But fear not, the gang at the all-new Shagnasty's will hop onto the scene just in time to chase the tax time blues away. NW Portland will never be the same. Shagnasty's will feature a full bar, good food, nasty dancers and a skylight lounge.

For some time now we've been telling you about "The Great Popsicle Suck Off" held monthly at Wildcats in Beaverton. After witnessing last month's Suckfest, we're not only recommending you check it out, we're demanding it! If you had to sum it up in one word, it would have to a big, long, juicy word that's hard to fit your mouth around. Last month's contest dethroned the reigning champ, Houston, when the lovely Tia did things to a popsicle that most of us only dream about. You'll get another chance this month on April 15th for "The Great Tax Suck Off." And if watching beautiful women deep throat frozen desserts doesn't do it for you, why not check out Wildcats first "Naked Hula Hoop Contest" on Saturday April 22nd.

For the fair sex this month, Club 205 will be starting up ladies night on Tuesdays all month long, with $1.50 specials we can't mention. And be sure to catch their Covergirl Dance Contest on Wednesday, April 19th.

The Wild Orchid is continuing to blossom into a naked hot spot. Next time you're cruising down Sandy, be sure to stop in and get whisked away to a Tropical Rain Forest Rendezvous with the Orchid's lovely ladies, including our Exotic Covergirl Shantel. And while you're savoring a taste of paradise, be sure to check out their "wild" steak specials and expanded menu.

Exotica has embarked on their next phase of the Gentlemen's Club for the future. Coming this summer, get ready for the Voodoo Lounge. This V.I.P. section of the club will offer uppercrust atmosphere, couch seating, and Portland's first Waterfall Stage.

Now might be a good time to stop by and "see what's new at the View." the Viewpoint Cabaret and Showclub just hosted their grand reopening last month with one hell of an industry party. The Viewpoint's latest transformation has been packing them in with their stunning new lineup of gorgeous exotic dancers and weekly feature entertainment.

And finally, get ready for Twisted Tuesdays at George's Dancin' Bare, all month long in April. On the first and third Tuesday, the Bare's finest will be getting wet just for you--wet t-shirts that is. And on the second and final Tuesday, it's Two-Girl Table Dances for the price of one--that's four tits for the price of two for you math majors!

Dante's Sunday night SINferno starts heating up even more this month with burlesque acts and shows and special treatment for everyone in the sex and service industries. Any dancers out there interested in performing classy old-fashioned burlesque on Sundays on a beautiful curtained stage, contact Sin-RG Productions at (503) 528-2627.

Adult Store News

It's Video Rental Madness all month long at Castle Superstores. They're waving their $10.00 membership fee and offering 2 rentals for the price of one. Stop by and check out their huge selection of adult videos and tell 'em Exotic sent you!

Cathie's is ready for Spring with new merchandise arriving all the time. From exotic dance wear to naughty little toys, they have it all. They're even taking 1/3 off all long dresses this month. No, scissors aren't involved; that's 1/3 off the price.

Paradise Video wants you to know they'll have live showgirls coming very soon. You can also enjoy their wide selection of DVD's, smoking accessories, $1.00 a day video rentals and more.

Lingerie Shop News

If the tax man didn't beat you hard enough this year, stop by and experience the ultimate domination of Sin--now appearing at The Palace and Anastasia's. The models from these two establishments were also the class act of the Miss Nude Oregon Pageant last month.

Private Pleasures and Secret Rendezvous are proud of Rene, who was chosen in the Playboy NW Stripsearch Video. She joined all the other dancers at Stars Cabaret in Salem for the videotaping. She's also up for a possible centerfold shoot this month. Private Pleasures also proudly presents massages by Rajeen this month.

Welcome to Exotic Entertainment. Portland's latest lingerie shop opens this month in North Portland offering a fresh new lineup of knockout models.


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