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Dark Fantasy Image by Jester One of the hotter moments of Jester’s Dark Fantasies.The lovely Victoria will be waiting for you at Sugar Daddy's.

Dark Fantasy Fashion Special

Welcome to the “Dark Fantasy Fashions” issue of Exotic Magazine. Hopefully, you’ve noticed a difference in some of the photography layouts this month. You can shoot a 10 minute session on a digital camera, provide a mediocre image and leave it all up to the graphic designer. Or, you can create a stunning portfolio of work highlighting the real beauty that actually exists, without the aid of computer enhancement. And that’s what we’ve done. This would have been impossible if we hadn’t crossed paths with Jester. This incredible photographer from Minnesota was introduced to us one night at Doc’s, thanks to Teri at Rumors. We shared some ideas and after a 48 hour brainstorming session, “The Dark Fashion Fantasy” was underway. Little did we realize the work ahead.

We spent four 12 hour days locked in that studio producing these layouts. First off was a day with four beauties from Dream On and Jody’s. Next was the marathon session with a pair of Wildcats, three sweet treats from Sugar Daddies, The Backswing’s Cover girl, Dani Rhae, and the intoxicating innocence of Fiona. And finally, we wrapped it all up with the one and only Chase, from the Viewpoint, and a contrasting pair of beauties from AJ’s. Whew.

Simply put, everyone of these girls became super models behind Jester’s lens. Thanks to all of the models for your patience, inspiration, and for reminding us what a great job this can be. You’ll be seeing more of Jester’s work in the pages of Exotic in the months to come. To book your own “Fantasy,” contact John at 503-936-2673.

News Flash!

As we stumble to press, we have learned that Goddess Severina will be on the new Saturday afternoon Oregon Sex Show on KGUY, 1010 AM radio, May 13. The show is live with call-in, hosted by Fred Stewart, from 2:00 till 3:00 P.M. KGUY is the new, brassy kid on the block with guys only, raunch and ribald programming, mixed in with hardcore sports addict shows. Look for news of their one year birthday party bash at Doc’s in June, in Exotic next month. What’s even more refreshing is, the station is run by women. Is this a great country, or what. Go Danger Chick, J.J. and Gwen. We guys love you. And Exotic magazine loves you, too.


We proved that you CAN fight City Hall,

but we still have to pay for it...


Last September, the City of Portland enacted a law unfairly restricting the rights of escort and lingerie modeling businesses. We formed a coalition of small business owners and sex workers to mount a legal challenge to this law. We finally won in court this March. Unfortunately we still owe about $17,000 of the $32,000 total attorney fees. If you haven't already donated, please donate today! If you have donated, thank you; can you donate more? If you have paid fees to the City of Portland, we can help you get reimbursed, and you can donate all or part of the fees to help pay this bill. Send this ad in with your donation. Mail to P.A.P.A., PO Box 42655, Portland OR 97242-9998. Call (503) 241-4317 for more information.



420 now in progress, and SE Portland will never be the same. The 420 Club opened its doors on 4/20 and is now ready to roll. Offering beautiful exotic dancers for private table dances is only one of their numbers. Where else but the 420 can you also enjoy fine tobacco products and browse their selection of hemp, glass pipes and smoking accessories. And there’s plenty more surprises coming soon, such as tattooing and body piercing. Stay tuned.

It’s finally Shagnasty time, baby, now open and ready to get nasty in North Portland. We’ll be showing you more in next months issue; but for now, get on over and shag. Here’s a hint for you guys, a brand new club starts off a little slow at times. A little slow means lonely dancers who are vying for attention. Get the picture? Shagnasty’s features a full bar, good food, nasty dancers and a skylight lounge. Coming soon, one of the largest stages in PDX with a golden cage built around it.

Seems like we can always count on the gang at Wildcats in Beaverton for newsworthy events, and this month is no exception. The cats are in heat and we’ll see which lucky girl will take the title of “The Best Fake Orgasm” on Saturday the 13th. If you think you’ve got a contender at home (our condolences); or, bring her on in for some moanin’ and groanin’ that counts for something. And the “Great Popsicle Suckoff Finals” will be held on Saturday the 20th. Reigning champ, Tia, took a more aggressive deep throat approach to maintain her title last month in record time. But will she do it again? As if all this isn’t enough, watch out for “Wildcats on the Willamette” on June 7th. 10 Girls on a 64 ft. yacht will be welcoming in the fleet for Rose Festival.
AJ’s has returned to the pages of Exotic as part of our Dark Fantasy collection. You won’t want to miss their Custom Bike Nights on Saturday, May 11th & 25th. They’ll be giving away free leathers, and packing the place in with hot babes and cool bikes. Aj’s has got it featuring Oregon Lottery as an added distraction if you can keep your eyes off the ladies.

George’s Dancin’ Bare is definitely the place to be on Tuesday nights this month. Back by popular demand are the fabulously free table dances from 9 pm to 1 am. George’s gorgeous girls sure know how to cure that spring fever don’t they! Also at the Bare this month is the still red-hot ‘n rollin’ Amateur Night on May 20th. And don’t forget Joey, featured in this month’s ad, the babelicious bartender of all time.

The Backswing is swinging big into the pages of Exotic, in case you haven’t noticed. Just in time to celebrate their new full bar and kitchen. And while you’re there, be sure stop by and see this months covergirl Dani Rhae every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 to 9:00. Go Dani!


Welcome back to Rumors—Portland’s Premier Dancerwear Boutique, located on Milwaukie Blvd. off of Powell. After completing her new remodel and celebrating her first anniversary, Rumors is offering any item at 50% off with the purchase of a regularly priced item as long as you mention Exotic. Our name counts for something. We love you Teri, and a very special thanks for your assistance in the Dark Fantasy Fashion Spectacular; we couldn’t have done it without you.


We know you all think we have an easy time here at Exotic, but trust us, this job can often leave you tied up in knots. Deadlines. Printers. Writers. Not to mention our completely divergent personalities. Moments like these were meant for Massage by Rajeen—proudly presented by Private Pleasures. After an hour with Rajeen, all your aches and pains drift away like last month’s magazine. Once she’s taken out all the kinks, she’ll finish you off with a touch so soft your skin will still be singing the morning after. Be sure to call ahead and make an appointment so you can have her magical hands all to yourself.


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