Erotic City 'Nothing but the Naked Truth'  June 2000
"Nothing but the Naked Truth" July 2000 : July 2000 : Erotic City
eroticcity801 Raquel Darian appearing at Stars, July 19­22

"Not Even Ashamed" Benefit/Screening

It's a benefit; it's a happening. It's a chance to rub shoulders with Portland's finest adult entertainment ladies all coming out for a cause. On Thursday, July 6th, you won't want to miss the benefit screening of Queen Ruth E's docu/shock you/mentary about exotic dancing, "Not Even Ashamed," at Berbati's Pan. Ruth E's camera will be rolling, gathering the final snippets from this Par-tay to fold into her film's final edit. Wow! Queen Ruth E is a former Junior Rose Festival Queen turned stripper, rock bassist and filmmaker. Talk about a resume. "Not Even Ashamed" uses no actors and no scripts as it explores the reality behind the veil of strippers getting naked for cash in Portland. Says Ruth E: "If you want a lot of gratuitous nudity and hardcore sex, don't come." Her film's not about that, boys. But if you want to open up your mind and see what's behind the stripper scene, then get there early. Screening starts at 8:00 P.M., with bands from the film's soundtrack--Betty Already, Diegrinder and Headscope--slated to play after the screening. Plus very special "Canadian" performances by Teresa Dulce and Queen Ruth E. And all this for only seven bucks--or, a five with a can of food. Proceeds will benefit Danzine, the most rockin' magazine and resource for sex workers by sex workers that ever lived!

Ron Jeremy's S&M SIDESHOW Coming To Portland

Lately, the "Ron Jeremy Alert" on my VCR has been acting up, even though there hasn't been any Ron Jeremy within a mile of the pornos I've been watching. Then I found out why. OH MY GOD! The Hedgehog himself, the World's Most Famous, most filmed dick of all time, Ron Jeremy, is bringing his S&M Sideshow to Portland, Saturday, July 29th at the Cobalt Venue. Tix are way cheap, like, only 12 bucks, for this over-the-line gross-out fest of pie-eating contests and hookers fresh from the Cherry Patch Ranch outside of Vegas. Plus, nude oil wrestling, stand-up comedy (just seeing Jeremy is a laugh a minute to me), and dancers and girls and more girls than you can shake the World's Most Famous Dick at! This is a no-brainer, and a no-brainer event. It's the perfect antidote for the artsy-fartsy blues of strippers are really artists who need lots of cash, too. I can't think of any reason not to go, except you're too stupid to realize what a blow-out, blow-up doll orgy of tasteless, unredeemable, party pig excess this is gonna be. I mean, they're gonna have hookers there from the Ranch, for Chris'sakes. Are you kidding me? Doors open at 9:00, and show starts at 10:00 P.M. Just go, you idiot fuck.



Wildcats is wilder and wetter this month than the rest. These bad ass kitties will be taking over Rockfest this month on July, 15. You can make these kitties wet from 11 am to 11 pm at the Wildcats dunk tank--stocked with 10 of the hottest dancers you could ever hope for. And yeah, Kitty, Miss Nude Gentlemens Club 2000 (Miss Nude Oregon 2000) and London, our very own Exotic covergirl, will be takin' a dive or two, too. In addition, they'll be offering free T-shirt giveaways, signed 8 x 10 photos and more. Meanwhile, back at the Wildcat's ranch, the Popsicle Suckoff will return on July 22nd at 10 pm. By now, you should know the deep throat slurping routine on this one; don't miss it!

We welcome the Wild Orchid back into the land of libations. Having defeated the Draconian OLCC, in a battle they didn't deserve, the "good guys" have emerged victorious. So stop in again for a cold one, kick back in the tropical rainforest-like atmosphere and enjoy the indigenous species. Now that the taps are flowing again, if you haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for?

Could it already be the four year anniversary of Stars Cabaret in Beaverton? Yes. And, of course, they'll be celebrating this month in typical Stars style and excess: two major feature entertainers, free buffets, free vacation giveaways, bikini car washes, vendor sponsored parties, a 4th of July picnic, and 2fer Tuesdays all month long. Whew, Stars has so much going on this month, we had to give them their own calendar in the center of the magazine just so you could keep up.

Ever wonder where to get one of the best pieces of meat in town? Stop by and see the gang at Shagnasty's and they'll fill you up. After sitting down for one too many cocktails on an empty stomach, I ordered a T-bone and was absolutely blown away by the result. No steak sauce necessary on this one. When you come by to order one for yourself, you might want to check out the first Shagnasty's dance contest on Thursday, July 13th. This contest is open to all dancers and offers a cash prize of over $200, plus a free photo shoot with an appearance in Exotic Magazine. As an added bonus, you can now groove to the shagadelic sounds of Portland's first ever topless Dj!

The Backswing will begin offering a startling new innovation this month. Every Sunday in July will be an open stage rental to one and all. Whether you're a pro, amateur or just frisky and curious, this will be your chance tohit the stage and show your stuff. Or, if you have a lady at home that you know has what it takes, but you just don't have the time and energy to install the pole in the bedroom, just bring her on down to the Backswing and let her show you what she can do. Or, next time you're planning a special bachelor party and have one certain lady in mind as your feature performer, here's your chance to call the shots. Stage rentals are available at a very reasonable hourly fee. Just stop by to see April for more details.

Webb's Pub is back in the fold this month after a short break. They'll be hosting a series of dance contests starting this month on Thursday and Saturday, at 8:00 P.M., with the finals round coming next month to crown the grand champion. Sounds like a great reason to stop by and bask in their open air beer garden.

Exotica--International Club for Men has gone through a few changes recently (and contrary to circulating rumors, we still don't own it, nor have we ever!). The gang here at Exotic would like to welcome Rick (formerly of Stars, or was it the Viewpoint?) as the new general manager (like you guys all care who's managing the place). But take it from us, Rick's influence on the club should definitely be an asset to their already outstanding standard of excellence. See for yourself this month on the 30th, when Exotica will be pulling out all the stops on a Sex Industry (S.I.N.) party. Complimentary prime rib dinner, courtesy limousine shuttles and more. We'll see you there.


Rumors, on Milwaukie Ave., will be gearing up for the first ever "Exotic Fashion Show" to be held at the Viewpoint this month on Thursday, July 27th. There will be a stunning collection of models from the finest clubs in Portland displaying the latest Rumors fashions in 3 rounds of runway entertainment. The Viewpoint will be offering a catered dinner buffet to accompany your chance to win the clothes right off the model's backs. Advance tickets will be available early this month at Rumors and The Viewpoint.

Hard Times Adult Arcade on Broadway will be getting you harder than ever this month, thanks to the addition of live showgirls. Finally, downtown booth dancers. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Vera.


Don't miss your chance to take advantage of the summer specials at Sugar Daddy's. The hot and sultry Violet will be waiting for you along with the nearly-six-feet of sensual beauty, Victoria. Take a look at her ad this month and you'll see why Adam took a bite out of that forbidden fruit.
Honeysuckles and Babydolls have major specials all month long. Stop by and see...

The Palace is featuring an absolute smorgasbord of domination and discipline at the hands of the one and only Sin this month. After shooting this month's ad in her dungeon, I felt fortunate to escape. Sin is one amazing woman, 'nuff said. Stop by and experience her for yourself, then head straight to confession and see if there's still time to save your soul.


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