Erotic City 'Nothing but the Naked Truth'  September 2000
"Nothing but the Naked Truth" October 2000

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Obligatory Ramblings From The Editor

If you're reading this, it's probably because you're bored; what with all the other scintillating editorial this month--from the Olympics to little Moby on down to the North by Northwest Music Fest--Exotic magazine is there for you, baby. Not to mention our new, local music column "Just Kick My Ass," and "Sex Around The World" has a layover long enough for a quickie in Amsterdam(ned). Wow. So, on with the party!
Now, a turd from our sponsor: "Hello, I am John Wayne Bobbitt's manager. I was wondering if your company would be interested in DOING AN ARTICLE AND PHOTO SPREAD ON (caps their's) John's new film." No fucking way Jose. "This film answers some of the most frequently asked questions about John's Penis." Thankyou very much, but, I really don't want to know anything about John's penis today. "Just the looks of John's penis alone (gee, I hate the thought of John's penis being alone) is a reason to buy the movie. It is double the size it was in John's first film." Inflation; it's everywhere these days. "As of right now, John's penis is the width of a beer can, it has the length of a beer can and a half, from the base it goes straight, curves out to the left, then straight again, then curves to the right." Jesus, a person would need a fucking road map just to navigate from John's balls all the way to John's urethra... which must be in a different zip code. "If interested in distributing this film contact me... Thanks. Robert R.Yates; CEO Risky Business" So, cheer up. Things could be worse. You could have a penis that's scarier than the Terwilliger curves. Or you could be in the business of promoting John's penis. Shit, I have a hard enough time just trying to promote my own.
October the 22nd, as the sun enters Scorpio, you will want to enter the steamy, dark hipster bowels of Dante's red hot and rollin' Inferno for a very special Sunday night Sinferno. The always fabulous Marne Lucas, who gets more ink in this mag than a rubber stamp, and Teresa Dulce (AKA, Velour and Danzine productions, respectfully) host a benefit for Street Reach Needle Exchange Program. Yes, needle exchange is legal in Oregon. If you were to actually read up on this subject, you would find that needle exchange is not enabling, but the first and most important step in harm reduction, leading the addict to treatment. It works. And this benefit will work you over with all the fiery entertainment famous on Sinferno nights, plus the sexy, rowdy band, Moxy Love Crux and much more. Furthermore, what better place for it, with dime bags available within a good spit of the nightclub, located at SW 3rd and Burnside. For those of you who can't get a good needle for your old Technics turntable, this is not an opportunity for you to finally hear your Blind Faith album with a new needle. The turntable audiophile needle exchange benefit is still in the works (get it).

And, while we're on the subject of Marne Lucas and Teresa Dulce (and when are we not), don't forget, since we covered it an entire month ago, the coming-at-you-fast as-a-come-shot-from-Johnny-Wadd's-penis Sex By Sexworkers Film and Video Festival, October 4th and 5th at Cinema 21. Speaking of Wadd, the movie, Wadd: The Life and Times of John Holmes screens October 4th, at midnight. And on October 5th, don't miss the closing night extravahgonzo at, you guessed it, Dante's, featuring, porn icon and STD testing advocate, Sharon Mitchell. Exotic's own Viva Las Vegas will perform along with other arts addicts. $10 at the door will benefit Danzine, a non-profit magazine created by sexworkers for sexworkers. And all that jazz.

Adult Store News

If you haven't made it by Castle Superstores yet....what in the hell are you waiting for!!! After strolling through their vast store, we were utterly amazed at the massive selection they offer. We're talking Walmartesque adult mega-store proportions! Where else can you go to find an entire row of every inflatable sex doll currently on the market! As an added treat this month, Castle Superstores will be displaying their many wares at the Exotic 7th anniversary party on Sunday, October 8th and during the Ink-n-Pink Cabaret at Cocktails and Dreams on Friday, October 20th and at Dante's on Halloween. They'll be giving away door Prizes, adult party favors and more.

Cathie's is featuring 30% off all Halloween costumes--as displayed by Sin and Sage in their red hot ads. Sorry, Sin and Sage will be keeping theirs. Stop by to see them at any Ink-n-Pink venue and you'll get a chance to see them peel down to the Ink.

Lingerie Shop News

Welcome back to X-otic Tan from the gang here at Exotic. Drop by to see this month's hotty Mindy at their PDX location; don't forget, when you're feeling adventurous away from home, Xotic Tan has two locations in Seattle and one in Salem as well.
Aja's has settled into their new location two floors up from their former shop. Sounds like a good way to enjoy an uplifting experience... such as their special $20.00 ten minute shows designed for when you're in a hurry.
Babydoll's and Honeysuckles lingerie have a wicked special coming at you this Halloween. Thirty (count 'em) vixens are ready to drop their best Tricks and Treats in your goody bag for a measly $20.00 for twenty minutes (that's a dollar a minute for all you accountants out there). Also, coming at you this month: a complete remodel of both shops and big reopening party. Stay tuned for more details.

Gentlemen's Club Events and News

Well, we almost decided to change the name of the mag to Sin this month. Perhaps you've noticed our very popular covergirl in a majority of the ads this month; nooooo.....we're not just lazy (though it would make life much easier at deadline if we only had to photograph one model every month, wouldn't it?). It's just that Sin is so damn popular in the month of October that we were turning advertisers away at the door for the opportunity to up their image with our sinfully sexy covergirl.
You'll be able to see Sin along with 19 other vamped out tattooed vixens appearing at five major events this month like Portland has never seen... and may never see again. It's the Exotic Ink-n-Pink Cabaret and Revue. This festival of tattooed flesh will be slinging it's way through Union Jacks, Cocktails & Dreams, The Cobalt Lounge, Jody's and Dante's beginning on Friday the 13th and climaxing on Halloween. With over $3000 in prizes, cash and tattoos being given away, exotic fire and fetish acts, fortune tellers and Halloween hijinx, why the hell would you want to miss this? See the Ink-n-Pink section for details and specific dates.
Cocktails & Dreams keeps getting better every time we pop in. Two new stages have been completed and the gradual transformation into an upscale gentlemens club is well under way. And, in case we haven't mentioned it enough already, be sure not to miss the Ink-n-Pink Cabaret at Cocktails on Friday Oct. 20th. Maybe you'll be able to get an upclose and personal look at the vampiric vixens displayed in their ad on page 4. (Special thanx to Chris, from Dante's, for donning the cape for our Ink-n-Pink bloodletting.) Don't forget the garlic and the crucifix; they will, however, be checking the wooden stakes at the door.
Just like Exotic, the Riverside Corral is celebrating their 7th Anniversary Saturday, Oct. 28th with the Corral's top notch entertainers in blowout feature numbers. While you're there, check out Mike's new toy. Ever had a table dance in a barber chair? We're talking reclining, rotating, strapped in action here. Ask your doctor first.
The Boom Boom Room is celebrating their 3rd Anniversary on Halloween night. The Main Event is having a Halloween Party on Friday & Saturday the 27th and 28th.
On the alternative side, check out the all new Club 5800 for parties on Friday and Saturday nights. These dances are for those in "The Lifestyle," if you know what we mean. Sounds like a pretty swingin' place!


Measure 87 News

The No On Measure 87 Committee is chugging right along, requesting donations from everyone in the adult world to keep Oregon safe from zoning laws that can and probably will affect all adult businesses. It's pay a little now or a lot later, folks.

Detour magazine did a big spread on the Measure 87 battle in the latest fall fashion issue (see photo at right). Judging from the lack of contributions on a local level, it seems international magazine publishers in Los Angeles think Measure 87 is a lot bigger deal than a lot of adult business owners in Oregon. Detour interviewed Exotic's publisher, Frank Faillace, as well as intrepid advertising salesman John Voge (see photo at right). Also interviewed were Ilya Adamidov from Union Jacks Club, Kitty from Wildcats, Sage from Sinferno, Gina Velour from Danzine, Attorney Brad Woodworth, Phil Yoder from The T&A Times and Measure 87 sponsor State Rep. Kevin Mannix.




SINFERNO-Liquid Latex Cabaret * Dante's (3rd & Burnside) * 9pm-2am
MONTHLY DANCE CONTEST * Sassy's * 10pm-2am
XOTICA-GO-GO * Cobalt Lounge * 10pm-2:30am
SINFERNO * Dante's (3rd & Burnside) * 9pm-2am
XOTICA-GO-GO * Cobalt Lounge * 10pm-2:30am
INK-n-PINK FIRST CUT * Union Jacks * 9pm-2am
FETISH NIGHT * Berbati's * 10pm-2am
SINFERNO * Dante's (3rd & Burnside) * 9pm-2am
XOTICA-GO-GO * Cobalt Lounge * 10pm-2:30am
INK-n-PINK SECOND CUT * Cocktails & Dreams * 9pm-2am
SINFERNO * Dante's (3rd & Burnside) * 9pm-2am
INK-n-PINK TATTOO-A-GO-GO * Cobalt Lounge * 10pm-2:30am
BIG HALLOWEEN PARTY * The Main Event * Salem
INK-n-PINK 3RD CUT * Jody's * 9pm-2am
7TH ANNIVERSARY BLOWOUT * Riverside Corral * All Day & Night
SINFERNO * Dante's (3rd & Burnside) * 9pm-2am
INK-n-PINK FINALS CONTEST * Dante's * 7pm-2am
HALLOWEEN MADNESS * Honeysuckles & Babydolls
INK-N-PINK FINAL CUT & CONTEST * Dante's * 7pm-2am



SINFERNO * Dante's (3rd & Burnside) * 10pm-Close
Free Pool * Sassy's * Riverside * Roosters
The Main Event * Buck Night
Webb's Pub * BBQ lunch on Beer Garden
Wild Orchid * Tightwad Tuesdays * $1.00 off specials
Club 205 * Ladies' Night
Webb's Pub * BBQ lunch on Beer Garden
Club 205 * Hooters Night
Miss B'Haven * Dante's (3rd & Burnside) * 10pm-Close
Nicolai St. Weekly Dance Contest * 9pm
Soul Kitchen * Dantes * (3rd & Burnside)
Webb's Pub * BBQ lunch on Beer Garden
Xotica-Go-Go * Cobalt Lounge * 10pm-2:30am
Friday Night Party * Club 5800
Sub Sandwich Social * Ace of Hearts Swinger's Club
Saturday Night Blast * Club 5800
Couples & Single Females Party * Ace of Hearts Swinger's Club


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