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xmag.com : November 2000 : Sex Around the World

You Deserve to be Pampered

Several years ago, I was living in California and working as a massage therapist. After a few years, I decided to take my show on the road and kneaded my way across Europe as a massage therapist for some of the most elite resorts on earth. What I’m about to tell you is common knowledge in the massage business. Keep in mind, the industry does not condone or advertise the availability of sex/massages, so be discreet and proper when visiting these places. There are high-class spas in almost every country. For those who don’t have the bucks for an expensive international trip, there are many places you can go—right here in the USA—to get a sex/massage that equals anything you can get abroad. The two places I’m about to describe shall remain nameless, but it’s easy to figure out who they are. The first is located on the central California coast and is famous for its beautiful massage therapists that do their work in the nude. In fact, clothing is optional here! The name of this place starts with an “E.” As far as resorts go, this one is rather inexpensive and rustic. Rooms are around $100 per night with nude massages that start at about $75. The soothing, pampering “spa experience” is actually what you go to a resort for, but it just so happens that sex can also be had if you know the secret passwords. Here, they are “Prozac for everyone” but merely saying these words will not guarantee sex. Therapists can be arrested for prostitution if caught and the establishment can loose its license—so understandably they are cautious. Remember: be discreet. Offer to pay at least $75 for a jerk off and $100 for oral or intercourse. It can take place right there on the table or in your room. The money is cash, up front. The second place is right on the southern California border near Mexico. It starts with an “L.” Not for the poor of pocket, “L” is a total indulgence spa that offers unsurpassed cuisine, accommodations and service. The cheapest rooms go for about $200 a night, but they are unbelievably lavish! You must be on your best behavior here, as the clientele is rich and famous. Leave your jeans at home but bring lots of cash. When I worked there, there were no passwords to instigate sex. Therapists wear white clinical uniforms and one-hour massages (the best in the world!) start at $175. You will be offered a towel to cover your private parts, but if you want something ‘extra’ politely refuse the towel. If she insists on coverage, don’t even think about asking for sex. Since the art of massage is an intimate experience of hand/body contact often preformed by members of the opposite sex, it is not uncommon for the male customer to become aroused. If your therapist steps away from the table and suggests a minute or two for you to regain your composure, she is not willing to go ‘further’. On the other hand, if she takes no notice of your blatant erection—or better yet, compliments you on it—you just hit pay dirt. Discreetly offer her a minimum of $100 for a hand job and $200 or more for a fuck. Have the bills folded in the front pocket of your (nearby) jacket and tell her to get it. Very few words are needed. In fact, the less said the better. There are spa/resorts in every state, several right here in Oregon. None will admit that sex is an option with your massage. Condoms are expected. These girls are clean, respectable professionals, so treat them accordingly. All totaled, a weekend (two nights) at even the most expensive resort/spa shouldn’t run you more than $650. Eat elsewhere to cut expenses. Let me know how it goes.




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