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Vivid Blue

Slumming it in Caracas, Venezuela

Almost all my friends travel independently like I do; no one I care to associate with travels on packaged 'tours'. I believe in stretching a buck as far as it will go and doing things on my own. This month I'll tell you two things no travel agent would dare discuss.

#1. Sex with strangers happens when you're on vacation. #2. Always pack condoms, even if you swear you'd never fuck in a risky Third World country.

If you're headed to Venezuela, you'll eventually end up in Caracas; it's almost unavoidable. There are plenty of bars where you could probably get laid for the equivalent of about $35 US, but for $10 you can have yourself a young, pretty girl from the ghetto.

Before you scoff at the idea of screwing slum whores, let me assure you, my friend Sam felt the same way, until he tried it.

We were just passing through on our way into the countryside for some scenic relaxation. Our taxi driver decided to give us an impromptu 'tour' of the ghetto. We suspected he was getting a percentage of all the business he brought in, because he drove like he knew exactly where he was going. Stopping in front of a shack with a roof made of corrugated metal, he beckoned us inside to meet his friends.

"Prostitution isn't a shameful business in
the slums of Caracas; it's a good way to earn a living. The family was confident that within a year they could move into a much better house because of Vacci and her sister."


Mom and dad quickly brought out a shy little creature named Vacci, who appeared to be in her teens. She got right to business with Sam, hugging him and inviting him to spend some time with her. She sounded very 'scripted' and her lines were well rehearsed. She kept saying the same words over and over. He looked at me and I nodded for him to go ahead. Off they went into a curtained area while everyone else sat on the front stoop drinking tea.

Two hours later Sam was still at it. Dad said not to hurry. I asked him how much his daughter made selling sex. Apparently he had two daughters in the biz and they were the family's only income. On a good day they could earn the equivalent of $70 if the customers were generous and paid more than the asking price.

For Vacci and her family, the money bought everything, including medicine for dad's heart condition and mom's ulcerated eyes. To try and swindle these working slum whores is to take money from the whole family. Prostitution isn't a shameful business in the slums of Caracas; it's a good way to earn a living. The family was confident that within a year they could move into a much better house because of Vacci and her sister.

Sam spent the better part of the day fucking Vacci and I passed the time by meeting some of the other working girls in the neighborhood. I'm not sure what the legal age is in Venezuela, but these girls were not much older than 15 I'm sure. They were very willing to tell me they charge the man each time he 'gets happy' and they stay with the man as long as he can keep on fucking and paying. In the slums that surround Caracas, $10 for a romp is top dollar, but the trick is paying a little extra and having seconds and thirds...and fourths if you're up to it! Additional orgasms are cheaper than the initial pop.

The slums are probably the best place to get pussy in Caracas. Just head towards the outskirts of town in almost any direction and you'll eventually arrive at a slum. The girls are clean and neatly dressed in spite of the fact that indoor plumbing is rare.

R/T from PDX to Caracas is about $1,090 with a stop in Chicago. Passport and Visa required. Yellow fever, Hepatitis A vaccinations, anti-malarial drugs are a must. Don't forget the condoms!





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