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Has it truly been a year since I was on my knees kissing Polymnos's feet at midnight while a fire dancer spun his magic on my lawn and the strains of "Thus Spake Zarathustra" rose from the dark monolith stationed on my walkway?

Indeed, it has been. And what a year--for me, for those who love me, for my country, and for the world at large. Whatever good may have come to us during 2001, I think there are few who will long mourn its passing.

I ended the Chinese Year of the Golden Snake with two anniversary piercings at Black Hole Piercing (thank you, Cara), a solstice visit to San Francisco with my Keeper, and another legendary party.

We now prepare to enter the Year of the Black Horse. Tradition holds that it should be a lively year of adventure tempered with good judgment, leaving us feeling exhilarated and accomplished. Let us sincerely hope that such will be
the case as we embrace the next twelve months and with them new hopes and
new endeavors.

My goal in both this coming lunar and solar cycle is to build upon the base I have constructed and to continue to reach for my dreams. Told as a child that I would never achieve, would never accomplish, I find as a woman that I can sometimes feel the heat of the stars upon my fingertips. I want to grasp them in my hands, if even for a moment.

Having this past year learned that many outside of the area see me as "ground zero for the Portland sex community," I hope to leverage (as the dot commoners used to say--back when they had jobs) this wondrous position and lure more emissaries of sexual wisdom (and fun) to the area.

"I find as a woman that I can sometimes feel the heat of the stars upon my fingertips."

Toward that end, I have booked an erotica reading on February 8th, 2002, at Powell's Bookstore (www.powellsbooks.com) on West Burnside in downtown Portland. At 7:30 p.m., the San Francisco sultans of smut Carol Queen (www.carolqueen.com), Bill Brent (www.blackbooks.com), M. Christian (www.mchristian.com), and Charles Anders (www.charlesanders.com) will join locals Margaret Weller and myself to read their sexy offerings from recent anthologies, including Best Bisexual Erotica 2 and Guilty Pleasures. (I mention these two titles specifically for purely self-serving reasons, by the way--and both can be purchased via PayPal from my site.) I am also in negotiation with the Jefferson Theater to help promote their Naughty Karaoke night and bring sex superstar Nina Hartley and golden-era-of-porn stud Richard Pacheco to Puddletown to discuss sweaty celluloid days gone by and provide tips on maintaining erections and improving oral sex. Yummy. More details on that after I return from judging the January AVN Awards (www.avnawards.com).

There's more, of course. There's always more.

My tale of meeting Polymnos will appear in Best S/M Erotica in May, and I am launching a Darklady website exclusive advice column as soon as I receive enough questions to do so. "What Would Darklady Do?" will provide readers with something other local (and most national) advice columns are incapable of serving up: usable information and realistic suggestions. Drop me your questions and find out "What Would Darklady Do?"

I'll be a judge at the 2002 GayVN Awards (www.gayvn.com) in March and a guest at Fantasm (www.fantasm.org) in Atlanta, Georgia, during the same month. I'm pitching to mainstream mags now (gulp), helping the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (www.ncsfreedom.org) defend online free speech, and beginning work on a book about responsible non-monogamy. It's gonna be a busy year. I'm looking forward to feeling exhilarated and accomplished.

Because I'm a sentimental fool, one of the most important things that I'll be doing this coming year will be continuing to write this column and to see it published in this magazine. The more I wander, the better it feels to be home.


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