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Statement of Purpose from the Publisher


Coverkitty Since 1993 Exotic has been publishing a regional magazine, nationally recognized as the finest of its kind. Focusing primarily on sexual, musical, cultural and political editorial topics, the advertising consists primarily of adult businesses, nightclubs and music.


Besides the informative, in-depth coverage of the northwest regional sex and music scenes, Exotic has strived to publish an intelligent, irreverent, humorous array of articles from sex, music, politics and religion to movies, videos and websites. The strong editorial content along with exciting graphic design and beautiful, professional photography makes Exotic magazine stand head and shoulders above the lot of low-grade sex industry guides. Exotic stands alone as a high-quality magazine in a field rife with exploitation.


coverroxyExotic employs an all-professional roster of critically acclaimed, experienced writers, columnists and photographers who are also regular contributors to such well-known media as The San Francisco Examiner, The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, The Oregonian, Willamette Week, Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and Gallery magazines.


coverorchidBy far the most widely read adult-oriented publication in the northwest, for nearly twelve years Exotic has been informing and entertaining a constantly growing adult readership with its mix of softcore erotica and hard-hitting journalism.


The following are some recent media reviews:


"Kurt Cobain killed himself well over seven years ago, grunge has gone the way of polyester and Qiana, but sex is the trend that will never die in the Pacific Northwest; Exotic magazine devotes itself to the Portland - Seattle area, covering strip clubs and adult video stores. A comprehensive guide (maps included) to these necessary establishments covers an entire three pages, for when locals need a respite from beer and coffee. And the writers actually seem to have read "sex positive" feminist Camille Paglia's books; always a plus." --AVN (Adult Video News)


"Exotic magazine, a monthly guide to you-know-what, features the Champagne Delights column, written by a former prostitute who answers letters from curious readers. It's highfalutin' and extremely informative." --DETAILS MAGAZINE


"A slick magazine covering (or as they say uncovering) the local sex and music scene in Portland and Seattle. As expected, there are a lot of ads for local clubs, but the written bits are quite amusing." --FACTSHEET 5


"A mix of pop culture, music and soft-core porn from Portland, Oregon. I especially liked the satirical story about FOX TV's grab for Jeff Gillooly. Even the music articles were interesting (I usually can't stomach more than two sentences about some neato rock band). --BOING BOING


"Erotica, photography, journalism and rudery--We like it." --SKIN TWO

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